That’s a shitty idea, The Last Order was really cool.

What? No he wasn’t. You can clearly hear the gunshots after the screen goes to black.

I have it, but I’m not watching it till I get the subs dammit. >:(

Just do it. You will miss literally nothing.

unfortunately theres nut much of a story in ac, its only a big fight scene.

I prefer Cless’ description of the plot:

Heh. I watched Last Order and found it mildly confusing to distinguish between the “current” events and the “flashback” events until after the fact. But yeah, AC is just an “over the top action scene” anime, except in photorealistic CG – distracted by Demigod’s sig Ooh, cute demon-girl!

And Vicki.

Cless - way to spoil everything, man. :smiley:

And DT.

Because it looked so horrible that I didn’t buy/ watch it.

And Renan.

I’ve actually seen it…I normaly don’t get a chance to watch anything before it’s actually released here.

I thought AC would be hard to follow if you hadn’t played FF7, and god help you if you didn’t have decent subtitles.

Pshaw. Nah, there’s only one or two scenes that can’t be explained by simply I BEAT YOU/THEM/YOU/THEM/IT/HIM/SEPHIROTH OVAR TEH HED!!!1!111elevenses

I haven’t seen it yet, even through one of my friends at Ivy Tech tried to make me watch it on his laptop last week. By the way, is Cloud still a moron who keeps forgetting who he is?

No. He’s merely a moron.