I’m digging my own fucking grave here. I had my girlfriend over the other day, and she logged in her Yahoo password and username shit, and she logged off. I have her password here, and I went in it.

I see e-mails from a John character, dating from February 2005.

What the fuck? We met each other in February. Should I tell my girlfriend about this? I invaded her privacy, but she lied to me.

Lol, how to I erase her password information from Yahoo?

Hello [her username] (not [her username]? click here!)

Problem solved.

I don’t get it???

984 is gonna swoop in fer the kiiiiill

How is that she lied to you? And there’s no reading anything in that image, I think she’s just a friend of him and as always you’re fucked up the head.

You invaded her privacy, as you said, so you don’t deserve her. That was way low from your part.

maybe she’s just helping out some homeless guy dont be such a jerk setz

Oog. Not good. From my viewpoint: you have four options.

Pretend it never happened

Confront her (will backfire because you dug around in her shit without asking)

Confront her #2 (may not backfire because she left the shit there on your computer, right?)

Or pretend you don’t know her.

In any case, keep on your intellectual guard. When in a relationship, you need to say the right thing and suck up if you’re a guy.

Uh-oh… found out. :frowning:

EDIT: Anyone else notice this is ANOTHER useless relationship thread by Setz?

Only number twelve, but who’s counting?

Nosey fucker. Invading you gf’s privacy. Wtf, man? And its from Feb. Its in the past. Get over it :stuck_out_tongue:

You should probably talk to her about it, instead of posting it on the internet

Man, I’m glad I didn’t have any respect for you to begin with, cuz this would’ve demolished it.

Yeah. or set this thread friends only. Just, yknow. in case <b><u>SOMEONE</b></u> reads this.

Yes. If you realize this, though, and realize that the mods keep closing Setz relationship threads, why did you post in it?

Don’t touch diseased threads. You don’t know what you might catch.

Ok fool damn. First of all, this was forever ago. Maybe you should go kick all her ex boyfriends’ asses while you’re at it.

Second of all, you’re a jealous loser. Get over it, or get out of a relationship until you can handle yourself

And THIRD of all, STOP this shit. You’re annoying everyone, no one cares, you seldom listen to advice given. I can only assume that you are doing this for attention. Well, stop. You get GOOD attention by not seeking it out ravenously with your ludicrous exploits with scary-ass bitches. Cut this shit out already.

The end.



Man. I wish. I was browsing the Agora when this thread was made, but I was tired and went to bed before I saw this one. Besides, I have to let some other mods get thread kill points. I mean, I’m already way ahead, so I might as well let them make second competitive.