lol, sony - hey guys post your lol sony here

Another one bites the dust…

I’m with the majority of the commenters in that article.

The X-Box 360 keeps looking better and better all the time. :mwahaha:

So… what does the PS3 have going for it, now? I’m serious, I wish to know.

So you’re majorly an idiot? Oh snap.

Doesn’t really leave much for the PS3 alone. But to tell the truth I’ll probably still end up getting it… … eventually… I think.

“rofl ps3 pwned like nubcaeks ftw lol”?

At the moment, there’s only a few things really holding the PS3 together, in my opinion:

FF13 + Versus
Tekken 5 Dark Ressurection (sure, it was on PSP…but a console release of T5DR is huge for the fighting game community, and Tekken has the largest following of any 3D competitive fighter right now)

I’ve been saying from ALMOST the beginning that 360 would be the console to get, and I’m becoming more and more sure every day.

Thats it. I’m getting a 360. I just have to wait on MGS4 to jump ship now.

MGS4 would seal the deal for me. I’d still want to eventually pick up a PS3 when it’s in the bargain bin for Gundam Musou. Gundam + Dynasty Warriors = nerdgasm

EDIT: Another nail.

I’d wait till the new 360s come out, should be soon. They’re easy to spot - they’re black, and in addition to a larger hard drive and an HDMI port (you’ll want the larger HDD, my 12 gig is choking on all the downloaded content I have). The hardware issues associated with the launch consoles seem to have died away for the most part but… yeah… I’d still wait for the new ones.

Supposedly the current premium system will become the new core system, which is also good since you really do need the (smaller) hard drive & component HD cables at a minimum to have a decent experience.

Right now Sony has FFXIII, WKS(White Knight Story), MGS4, LittleBigPlanet, and a Bunch of fighting games. (I think Ninja Gaiden might be worth a point or two as well) If Sony can get lucky and score with either WKS, LBP, or One of the FFXIIIs then they have a chance. If Sony loses WKS they’re fucked. If WKS fails then the FFs can make a save. If FF13 follows FF7’s and World of Mana’s example they’re fucked. And there’s too little infomation right now on LBP to know whether or not it will have an impact on Sony’s 07 lineup. Plus to really up the ante here’s an idea as to the amount of rope Sony’s working with now.

Basically this really is looking bad for Sony if they lose MGS4 then chances are that they’re SoL.

Who’d wanna play Dark Cloud 2? Bratz is all I need! :noway:

479 for a 120 gig? That’s an amazing deal. I was never a fan of the taste of the Xbox, but b/t that and the former PS3 exclusives, I suppose I could try to stomach it.

All I can think of is this:

Sony: D’OH!
Mr. Burns: Yes, you’re in deep d’oh now!

The rumour mill is saying 200 USD for the 120 gig standalone. That’s fucking insanity.

Well, that’s just about all of them now, isn’t it?

“Do not worry. Our brand is stronger than ever. There will be no PS3 exclusives appearing on Xbox 360. Ever. No, really.”

I’ve heard this but it’s nothing more than a rumor at this point with nothing really to back it up, so I wasn’t going to say anything.

But I just did so I guess I lose :frowning:

I really hope it’s true. This way I will have no reason whatsoever to buy Sony’s overpriced paperweight except for MGS4, and the chances of that being a Sony exclusive are about as likely as the original MGS (which wasn’t).

Weird. So many MGS4-related threads, no Arac in them. Next thing you know, Batman stops answering the batsignal.