lol politics



…I always said the X-Men should’ve stayed away from foreign affairs.

The Fantastic Four actually invaded latveria and occupied the nation. SHIELD and the UN got mad. The populace rebelled. It was a thinnly veiled criticism of the Iraq War. :expressionless:

Before I checked the link, I thought it was THIS.

“Captain America will slap to death the next person that speaks. Test me on this.”

George Bush for president 2008

I am currently wondering which will come first.

Leader Finished Current Term or Leader kicked out/Stabbed in the Back (“Et tu Brute”).

And Where first

USA or UK?

Ah, yes.

Also, on an unrelated note but still lol politics

EDIT: Oh, and Charlemagne’s responsible for Sept. 11. Way to go, Charle.

Like we didn’t already know that.

.Charle’s a responsible person, Everytime something goes wrong its his fault.