I recently picked up my old copy of Chrono Cross, and decided to replay it, seeing as my previous attempt did not work well…

I can’t beat Miguel, I remember having a hard time before too. His HolyDragonSword does 400+ to Lynx, and his maximum is like, 270. :stuck_out_tongue: How much HP does he have? I got him to near-critical, then dieded. Any strategies? I’m using Norris, Zappa, and Lynx.

Also, I noticed a glitch. I noticed that at the battle-complete screen, where it shows the maximum/minimum HP of characters, that Zappa’s maximum is 317, and his current is 342? 342/317? Explanation?

Miguel has 1950 HP. Keep your HP up, keep the field anything but white (I usually keep it green with the HealAll elements I like to equip for healing), and when you know he’s about to hit critical HP, start saving up your Stamina and using Elements such as Strengthen and EagleEye to make sure that when he DOES reach critical HP, you’ll be able to take him down.

Bring a few HolyLight traps and lay them out sometime during the battle, as Miguel will almost certainly use this Element when his HP hits critical numbers.

By the way, that’s not a glitch. You’re wearing an earring that boosts max HP in battle only.

You might want to bring along a White character and load him or her up with your healing elements.

As an aside, if you recruited Starky but don’t plan on using him, unequip his gun and give it to Norris. Norris can equip the two alien guns. If I recall, the Shockwave Gun is stronger than all the guns up to the Dendorite one, and the Plasma Pistol is about equal to the Prism Gun, exept it looks cooler.

I never play chrono cross but i saw the boards that they say it has good music my brother told me its good :hahaha;

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I liked Chrono Cross :frowning:

I don’t know why, but I never had trouble with Gasrai or Miguel. If it helps, I used Lynx, Harle and Irenes.

Yeah, that was the only boss in all of Chrono Cross to whom I ever lost. Here’s how I beat him on my second try:

  1. He uses some attack that makes Lynx unable to cast any Black Elements. I countered this by giving Lynx an accessory that prevents that status.
  2. A few rooms prior to the one where you fight the boss, there’s a bunch of enemies that look like evil dolls. When you fight them, they introduce themselves to you and tell you their special attacks. Sometimes one of them has BlackHole. I found such an enemy and trapped BlackHole from it. These fights are really tedious, because you have to sit through everyone’s introductions, but they’re not that hard.
  3. I then had Lynx use FeralCats and BlackHole, while my other two guys (Norris and Radius) used their best skills, healed with HealAll, or attacked regularly. Also, I gave Norris LoRes, which lowers the boss’s defence.

There’s nothing you can do about HolyDragonSword. Just use Revive and try to kill him quickly.

About Revive, where are the locations of the element? I’ve found one, and it was near the start of the game, I think it was after you get to the Water Dragon first on Water Dragon Isle. I only have one, and in my previous game, I got to TimeDevourer, and only had 2 Revives. Is there one in Geddon Tower that I can just pick up?

I remember just buying a shitload of the different elements it was really easy that was I really liked the game especially Kid she is really cool I like her.

So I just by Revivs from an elementshop thanks ramza.

Yeayhyeahyeahyeahyeah anytime dude I love that game I wish my PS2 would work so I could play it again I really msis a lot of the games from PS1 that I cannot play anymore I also really really want to play the .hack and Xenosaga series but my brother broke my PS2 and I dont know if I want to go buy a new one. :frowning:

I checked the shrine (gasp) and found that only 3 Revives can be found throughout the course of the game. I got one, and I can get another one by backtracking to Viper Manor. Can I leave Geddon Tower, or even the Dead Sea after I enter it?

Doesn’t matter, since you can’t buy Revives anywhere. Those three are the only ones.

Okay, so you mean I cannot leave The Dead Sea, now that I’ve entered it?

How many stars should I have by now? I got 25.

You can’t leave until you beat Miguel. You’re stuck with 2 Revives. Make good use of them.

I only have one Revive. And you can leave once you enter The Dead Sea. I beat Miguel by the way.

Anyways, I got 29 stars, and just got the boat back in the Another World. Now my party consists of Grobyc, Karsh, and Lynx.

Now to find Revives.

You can use another Revive in the Dodo Element Grid if you use Sprigg. I used Sprigg & Harle and in the end my team was up & kickin’ ass.

Harle’s Lvl 5 Tech, it’s one of the few Defensive Techs in the game, helps out…And having another Black Innate takes the pressure off of Lynx. I used a lot of Stat reduction elements…If you get into a really bad jam, use one of those Elements that reduces damage for everyone’s Elements…I think I just used that Element, the one that’s the opposite of Genious to lower his Magic…Imbecile I think it was…He’s not that tough…He’s no Chriosphinx (w/o a Yellow Plate anyways).

You don’t have Plates by that time, right? You haven’t faught the Dragons? I don’t think you have…

Another Note: Don’t avoid all regular battles just because you can, you’ll need the HP bonuses from a few of them at least…It’s really one of the simplest RPGs I’ve ever played.