Lol @ chinese martial arts movies

Just a few minutes ago I heard a tune coming from my parents’ bedroom… It was from the first scene of Kung Pow: Enter the Fist. This is the movie from which I took the avatar I’m currently using. I went there to see some of it - they made a good voicing job when dubbing it to Portuguese, but the choice of words was somewhat upsetting - Chosen says “I need a weapon!” instead of “I need Gopher-Chucks!”. The one thing that bothered me was how they changed the title to Kung Pow: The Master of Kung Fu Hustle.

Which reminded me that Oedekerk had vowed to make a sequel by the name “Enter the Tongue”. Now, I read some stuff about a 2004 movie called Tongue of Fury, though I couldn’t find anything about it. Has any fan been more lucky than me?

I didn’t like Kung Pow much. It lost it’s novelty, which wasn’t very amusing to begin with, very quickly.

I didn’t like it for pretty much the same reasons. Instead of paying homage to martial arts films of the 70’s it felt like it was making fun of them.

Well, seeing as it is a comedy film, and since the movie’s disclaimer says it IS a parody of a 70’s movie, it’s only natural to assume so.

I’ve never seen Kung Pow… I have no interest either. seems like a cheap spoof movie to me. wait, it is a cheap spoof.

Bruce Lee movies kick ass, especially the one where the bad guys are hiding drugs in the ice and then bruce lee kicks a bird cage and a bird flies out and then he fights the bad guy and gets arrested. something like that.

I saw it once several years ago. I dont remember anything about it.

I thought it was hilarious, personally, though some parts of it did drag.

I think the director wanted to make a sequel, but it was just one of those things that got bumped to the back burner over and over, so it was forgotten.

It goes beyond being a parody. It’s like how Mr.Burns took all those movies and put himself in them and all of Springfield booed him. This movie is like that.

Dude, if that was a real movie it would be the best movie ever.

There was some Bruce Lee movie where at the end he has this huge fight scene where I believe he kicks a guys head off. Then after this epic battle, he leaves the apartment they were fighting in and gets shot by the only black guy in the entire movie, then the movie ends.

Holy shit, that sounds almost better than the one I saw. What was the title?