Who can name 5 differences between Locke and Zidane? (costume doesn’t count)

EDIT: Oops, I mean Zidane. I put the wrong name on the thread title. ::doh:: Sorry, I was working on Zidaiku’s story a little earlier.

Zidane has a tail, Locke doesn’t.
Zidane is a womanizer, Locke is still pining after losing Rachel.
Zidane was a member of a traveling band of thieves, Locke was a solitary “treasure hunter” who was friends with a king.

Well, that’s only 3, but I haven’t played either game very much.

Hey, I just thought of one.

Zidane was created to destroy Gaia, Locke is just some guy, nothing special about him (as far as I know).

Locke’s past love keeps him from loving in the present. Zidanes present love keeps him from loving anyone else in the future.
Locke only seemed to steal relics form the past, Zidane would steal the kitchen sink along with your daughters verginity.
Locke’s goal in life is to bring back the love of his life, Zidane’s goal in life was to find a place to call home. While both had these things all along, they searched for them, and ultimately had to let go, and accept the facts.
Locke get’s motion sickness, Zidane LOVE’S going fast.
Zidane was an amazing actor when it came to popular opera, Locke was perhaps the worst thespian to ever act on stage.

Locke was in FF9 outside Lindblum Shopping Disctict’s Air Tram.

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And Zidane Will say Hi to him. No cards though.

  1. Locke HUMAN Zandine GENOME
  2. Locke, kinda a pimp Zandine, whiney little bitch
  3. Did Celes in the end. Zandine Did Garnet
  4. Locke Bad graphics Zandie came out on the PS1
  5. Locke" WIll saveing the world save Rachel?" Zandine “Will saveing the world help me get my freak on?”

Zidane, not Zandine.

woah is Locke really in FF9? I never noticed. Well, anyway, the reason I started this thread (I kinda forgot to mention why) is that I think they’re a LOT alike. Terra and Dagger are a lot alike too, at least it seems like it to me. They both have the “I got powers I never knew about” thing goin on. Seems there a lot of similarities between 6 and 9.

there is a char in FF9 named Locke, but there is no evidence they are the same locke

That is very true! Also, it’s pretty much common knoweledge that Maduin and Madeen are probably the same thing.

Also, both games had an insane bad guy and a rock-hard female general.

FF9 was based off all the previous FF games, so there are similarities between it and 1-8. We have references to Cloud and Squall (no cloud or squall shall hinder us), the Antlion from FF4, etc. though I agree quite a lot from FF6.

Back on the original topic:

-Locke uses single-hand weapons or weapons with long reach; Zidane uses double daggers and double-bladed thief swords with a Long Reach ability for any weapon.

Another Cloud reference is in the Lindblum weapon shop, when you examine a big sword on the wall, and Zidane says “I remeber a guy with spiky hair who had a sword like this” or something like that.

you’d think using two daggers would hinder stealing… but Zidane seems to make it work.

Hey you know who reminds me of Zidane?

James from Pokemon.

I dont see the connection…

No!!! Not that!!

Prepare for trouble.
And make it double.
To protect the world from devastation.
To unite all people within our nation.
To denounce the evils of truth and love.
To extend our reach to the stars above.
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Team Rocket blasting off at the speed of light.
Surrender now or prepare to fight.
MEEE! What the Rest?

All I can think of is that Both James and Zidane Would have Roses. And Both are Off shoots of Japanise Games. (James: Pokémon (Red & Blue), Zidane (Final Fantsasies 1-8)

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Did you forget the Derderant Pikachu?

lol. I dunno why he does, maybe it’s the hair… and they sorta act the same. My little cousins that live at my house have recently gotten into pokemon so I get to watch it more often now! YAY!

Locke seemed a lot nicer than Zidane. I can’t remember Locke making fun of anyone…Zidane on the other hand loved to give Rust- I mean Steiner a hard time. Locke also seemed to know how to handle people better. Garnet yelled at Zidane a few times for saying the wrong things to both herself and Vivi