Lobster Sticks to Stereo

Story time (yeah, I posted this in LJ, but it bears repeating because I love the story =p)!

A friend of mine and his girlfriend came into the store I work (seafood section of a grocery store) the other day. There weren’t many lobsters in the tank, but there were a lot of cooked ones- because the tank was essentially killing the lobsters. But when he asked why… well- here is how the conversation went:

ME: Oh yeah, someone was fired today.
FR: What does that have to do with this?
ME: He got mad and threw a stereo into the lobster tank… they were electrocuted- so we cooked them.
FR: Oh my GOD! Is that safe?
ME: I’m not sure…but electrocuted lobster is delicious. A delicacy.
FR: Wow…
FR’s GF: You know, they really shouldn’t take the loss of their job out on the poor animals.
ME: Yeah, well… some people are just cruel.

I think I’ll tell them eventually- although the price of being that gullible is high.

El Oh El. :hahaha;

Lies are so fun!

Silly Loki.

That was good. :mwahaha: :hahaha;

I had something like this happen, really,

at the aquarium near where i live a few years ago, a speaker fell into a tank, but i dont think any fish were killed.

You got a lobster and you got a magnet!

Heh, funny. But what do you mean “that gullible”? I think that’s a pretty believable story. If I had been your friend I probably would have believed you.

I woulda shrugged :stuck_out_tongue: I don’t see why it’s cruel, they would have been cooked sooner or later either way…

I think that was kinda the point, partly.

Woh, you work in the seafood section of a grocery store? So do i, thats kinda cool.