Liveaid 2005

This concert won’t mean anything unless the G8 leaders actually decide to listen to them. Dubya’s already boasting about how much he gives to Africa, even though he only gives 0.2% of the GDP. Let’s look at it this way. 0.7% is about a 40 - 50 billion dollar contribution to Africa over a period of 10 years. So whatever Bush “gives” will only be a small fraction compared if the US moved their percentage to 0.7%.

This applies to everyone, but since the US is the richest nation in the world, it should be paying its share in proper percentage. Same goes with Canada. Paul Martin won’t raise the amount of aid either.

that one chinese dude who cant sing worth crap made a mockery of we are the champions. He sucked, why do stupid people support him, i mean they should tell him he sucks, and he should do somthing else for a living. William Hung, thats his name, bastard.

Ya’ll keep your…Paul Mcartney and REM, whatever that stands for. Over here, in Philadelphia I think, we had Beyonce and Madonna and all sorts of folks.

Yes beyonce is hot and has a fine butt, but i cant stand to hear her sing after a while, as for rock, i could listen to it all day. I dont know what it is about electric guitars, but they really get you pumped. Like riods(seteriods,lol, couldnt help my self.)

Pink Floyd makes you feel like you’ve smoked something just listening to them. :toast:

Robbie Williams? That guy sucked. I thought he died >:(