Liveaid 2005

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH BOY! Greenday just showed how they arent Queen.

Live8. It’s Live8. And they don’t raise money for the poor starving Africans, they raise “awareness.”


The UK consert in Hyde Park, London, is about to play the Ten minute vertions of the CSI theme songs…

The Who?

Nobody asked

Robbie Williams, (ex-Take That) is above Electric Six. He was on some time ago in the UK.

How did you enjoy the Kaiser Chiefs? They lived just over the hills from me.

I’m whatching it delayed Now: Bon Jovi.

I hate many bands, but Greenday is the only one that I’d say is empirically <b><i>BAD.</i></b>

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I just saw it. Now, usually I tolerate and even slightly like Greenday but for the love of God, Freddy Mercury must be turning in his grave so fast he’s going to drill a hole in it.

Green day is good music

Yes, yes, yes, it is good music… the most brilliant of sorts infact… -.–


I didn’t hear it, but I’m glad of that. Considering how much I dislike Green Day, and how much I love Queen, I’m sure I’d have been spasming or something.

pink floyd is reuniting for the concert.

Seeing Pink Floyd reunited was the main reason I watched. Although seeing Paul McCartney and the Who was nice too.

As for Green Day, I kind of like them in small doses, but Billy Joe Armstrong is no Freddie Mercury, that’s for sure. There’s no way they should have been doing a Queen song.

No body can ever do what queen did. Any body who even tries, better do a good job, or they should be burned at the stake, you my as well kill rock and roll. I dont really like green day, but queen is my favorite band, even though freddie is dead. Well its for a good cause, so it looks good for them. Pink Floyd is awesome too. I liked the fact of them looking stoned when they performed.

I think that in some way shape or form, Pink Floyd was stoned while performing… I love The Pink Floyd!
But with Sir Paul… I love the guy! He is a great artist, and sounds like an alright guy… but didn’t he have this massive kick up at the start, bitching about how he HAS to perform first at the concert?? Or else he wouldn’t perform at all… that’s a bastard!
And as for Queen… let’s just say, I like the guys… a bit… or more…

But it’s awesome to see that people got together, so much, to further this cause, because it is definitely worthy! Just seeing this brightens the tiny little flame of hope that I have in humankind…


Does anybody know what song they butchered? I’m curious.

I only know one, Robbie Williams Did “We will Rock You!”


“We are the Champions”

I only saw Green Day and a bit of REM. And some random African stuff… Had I known that it was such a huge event I would have watched more, but the TV just happened to be on as I walked by.

I watched about 4 hours of it on MTV. There was a great collaboration with Coldplay and that guy from The Verve, and they did “Bittersweet Symphony”. Paul McCartney got together with U2 and performed Sgt. Pepper… some pretty nice groupings. My girlfriend TiVo’d the Pink Floyd, so…