Live, Protectors of the Plot Continuum!

Look, the hostress of the originals updated!

Also, here they’re apparently trying to list all the known authors of these heroic tales (Tyler and Kirsten are listed :)) (POWER RANGERS CONTINUUM?! My brain…)

And this seems to be the attempt to collect the actual stories themselves, the official PPC site:

They’ve got a good varity of protected continuums, I think you should mail 'em, Pierson :slight_smile:

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Originally posted by Weiila
They’ve got a good varity of protected continuums, I think you should mail 'em, Pierson :slight_smile:

Done and done. I’ve added the names to the Constitution. :smiley:

You really think 49% of the sites sane pierson?

Videospirit: Eh?

And I’m reading the stories of The Burning Dumpster (Matrix Continuua). Yeesh, I guess Sue’s don’t change much over the genres, do they?:fungah:

EDIT: Oh, and I hope to have some new stories soon enough. Just need to find some ffnet fics bad enough.

Apparently not ^^;;

And I think Videospirit means your sig :slight_smile: Also, go, go Kirsten and Tyler of course! :slight_smile: What happened with that badfic list I gave you, you didn’t off all of 'em yet, did ya?

In Protectors of the Plot Continuum: Matrix Division, by The Burning Dumpster
[i]“The only ‘One’ a Sue understands is ‘One true love.’ Pardon, it’s ‘One truly true wub for evah and evah, my dearest insert-lust-interest here.’”

“With lots of exclamation points! oneoneone!” Obsidian added.[/i]

I already like these guys. :smiley:

Nobody is here. Nobody is posting. Nobody cares for those brave warriors. ;_;

Bastards. :stuck_out_tongue:

a flag with a hand choking a Mary Sue appears on a TV screen
On behalf of the Anti-Mari Sue Association, I have only this to say. Ahem…


This concludes our message. Thank you and good night.

I still have no idea who Mary Sue is, even though I’ve seen a million references to him/her/it

Mary Sue the name came about as a result of the first ever self-insertion, in a Star Trek (of all things) fic, where she saved the world, was loved by everyone etc etc. The character was called Mary Sue. The end.:cool:

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