Live Long Nadia

Has anyone ever heard of an anime series: Nadia The Secret of Blue Water?

I’ve heard of it, but not seen it. As of now, I’ve no real idea of what it’s about, and no specific urge to watch it, so it’s quite low on the long list of anime I want to get around to watching at some point. Maybe you could bring up some discussion topics on it, instead of mentioning it and hoping we’ll do that for you.

A old Gainax anime. I saw it more than 10 years ago.
And after that I said I should collet any anime Gainax made.

I saw the first couple episodes.

Supposedly, Nadia is based heavily on 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (as is the Disney movie Atlantis). I’ve never seen it myself, but I know a little bit about it, and I know what the title character looks like.

Incidentally, my first experience with Nadia was with the old Famicom game, which was one of the earlier Famicom games to get an English translation. The game was kind of like chess in a way.

Yeah, got both volumes of the collection. Need to watch some more, but it’s pretty exciting.
Strange I also got interested in it by the Famicom game (and the Famicom game, while having a nice idea, got lost in execution. The CPU takes forever to think (not sure if the programmers or the NES is at fault), and everyone but Nadia has crappy stats (making fighting the enemies, even on the first level, to gain experience very difficult).
Worth translating the Genesis or PCE games? (I think they’re both mainly text adventures. Looked a bit at the Genesis game. Text not compresses, graphics are. But, maybe if there’s a good emu debug emu out there?
PCE though, I don’t know much about.)
There was also a PS2 game made recently, but I know even less about that.

Nadia The Secre to Blue Water was my first anime and still is my favorite.