Live-A-Live 2.0


God I wish I had time to replay this. :sunglasses: I made the shrine, after all (and edited one of the chapters for the original release).


Live-A-Live was, and still is, my favorite RPG never released outside of Japan.

I really need to finish LaL one of these days. I only have the ninja chapter to finish.

What exactly is so “2.0” about this version?

Doubled the size of the script. Different font for each chapter. Quite a few other fixes.

When i try to use this patch, it only fucks up the game. That is, screen goes fubar, and no buttons do anything. Quite annoyed.

Probably the wrong ROM… headers/no headers make a difference.

#W%#%!#%!“¤#%&#””#%¤/% Ninja chapter >:( I wanted to be a no-human-kills-Shinobi as well :confused:

I never had trouble with the Ninja chapter. it’s not as complicated to do as the shrine makes it look.

Anyway, anyone with the right ROM, hook a brother up, plz?

The Ninja chapter isn’t hard to do if you don’t want either extreme (i.e. if you don’t mind killing just the people you need to kill, without trying to get either everybody or nobody).

Which amount to approximately 154KB of changes. Expanded names, rewritten and expanded script, and other things that I’ve forgotten we added. Basically everything you can think of a game like this would need changed was changed. And no bugs! :smiley:

Valkyrie Esker, is your interleaved?

And no bugs! :smiley:

Quoted to throw in your face when the inevitable bugs are found. 8p

Umm, could you be a bit more clear?

Oops. I meant to say is your rom interleaved?

I don;t quite know what Interleaved means. Does that mean I jsut have to edit the patch to match the file name to get it to work? In which case, I thought it was… For the record, I still use SNES9X.

Interleaved refers to the way the data is stored in the ROM. Load the ROM with this and see if it matches the specs in the readme.