Little Miss Sunshine

The trailer doesn’t do it justice, but it may intrigue some of you. This is by far the best movie I have seen in years. It is hilarious, intelligent, and has great character development. It’s only in select theaters, but if you get a chance SEE IT. This was the absolutely perfect motion picture experience. If a professor had never told me about it I never would have went, but I’m glad that I did. (in case you’re not convinced) <—this is a another trailer.

My aunt saw it and said it was good; however, at this junction in my life, im not in the mood for dark comedies or anything approaching dark.

I’d rather see the movie than three trailers (or two. Or one for that matter).

If it ever comes overseas.

I thought a large amount of humour felt out of place, and not in an artistic, in-context type manner, but rather, it felt awkward seeing some of it in the same movie…for example, in such a fucking serious movie, why did they add all those ridiculous car troubles? That would have been funny in a FUNNY movie, but Little Miss Sunshine was way more dramatic. I don’t even know if I could label it as a comedy.

But, other than that seemingly large gripe, I really enjoyed it under the pretense of it being not a comedy. Very intense.

Little Miss Sunshine is both a drama and a comedy, and I think that it works very well as both. It’s a satirical commentary on the “winning at all costs” mentality that the western world is so fond of as well as a less subtle commentary on the disgustingness of beauty pageants (by the way, all of those girls [except for Olive] were REALLY beauty pagent contestants and used their real “talents”).

Perhaps you have a very different sense of humor then I do, but I was laughing throughout the film (causing me to have a bit of a cough afterwards).

I felt really bad laughing at the move at almost any time (except for the grandpa), because their portrayal of a dysfunctional lower-middle class family was very, very real. I didn’t feel appropriate to laugh at a lot of things.

When I saw the preview for this I dismissed it as “Garden State: Part 2.” However, after having read a review of it somewhere and a couple friends telling me about it, and how Proust and Nietzche are somehow involved, I’d very much like to see it. Perhaps tonight…

I don’t know, that’s what made me laugh is that most of the people I grew up with were so much like this that it hit right on the truth. Maybe its my gallows sense of humour, or something, but I think the accuracy is what made it funny.

EDIT: The mention of Nietzsche is quite possibly the single funniest scene in the entire movie. Holy shit! You were inspired? By Nietzsche?