Little help here please?

OK, so as some of you may know, I’m going to dress up as a catboy for my 18th birthday party, maybe even cosplay as suuichi from gravitation in catboy form. So I looked for many hours here in London and found absolutely nowhere that sells a catboy costume, this is a problem since I have less than a month left.

So yeah, I’ve decided I’ll just make one myself, although I’ve got no idea where to start. I need some instructions on how to create one from someone that’s made one before, or if you’ve just got some tips that’s helpful.

Of course if you know where I can buy one and import it, it’ll save me a whole load of trouble and I’ll forever love you.

Oh dear lord. I thought you were joking when you said it in the chat.

Godamn, now we’re going to be on the weekend web, good one Urk.

Well. Go to a sex shop and find a feminine one, and just kinda model that. Or you could just look off of some sorta suit that’s online.

Edit: wtf have I done? now I’m a furry sympathizer ;_;

Steve, I’m not turning into a furry, this is just a one-off thing.

Thank all that is good.

Steves idea isnt that bad. >_< Where else are you going to find one to model? Or just google it. Or something…

Edit- WOAH WOAH WOOOAH!. DONT google it. >< dear god my eyes.

Silly Devilion, you didn’t hear about how evil google is with image searches, well guess you know now keheheheh. If no one else is gonna google, i can stand the images and will search later… when not lazy.

Urk, if I could work up the courage to go then I’d bring the one the costume shop near me has.

In a word: WHY??

Yeah, why a cat boy?

I said so.
That’s why.

Free shipping too!

Holy christ, I clicked the site before I saw looked at your name, GM, and thought for a second “When did Hades get a Link avatar”

Searched google images for catboy and “cat suit”. Most stuff i saw was tight, would you want that, not sure i would. Anyhow got a couple of ideas, beware links galore ::dekar!::

You could try body paint for areas of your body shown. Would need cat ears headband, maybe cat glove paws with or without claws and pants with or without a cat print or color on them. You could sew a tail to the back of a pair of pants if you’d like or just held by the waistband of the pants. For accessory a stuffed animal fishy maybe in a fish bowl, and or ball of yarn, whiskers if you want, oh and collar(maybe with jiggle bell) or bandanna around your neck, fake sharp teeth, cat eye contacts, fluffy hair? Could just go normal clothes with ears, headband, and tail. kitty colors whisker detail Where i got the body paint idea from, could also use paint on your face. Cat paw gloves maybe boot leggings or something. If you still want a cat suit sorta thing, this would look neat and sexy. Maybe flared pants would look cool. You want fur trimmings anywhere? That picture is from this site the outfit is titled Lady Leopard Cat Suit & Gloves, site goes alphabetical.

The bare essentials I want are some ears, a tail, gloves and boots. If I can get those I’d be happy and I could just wear normal clothes underneath. And this is just a back-up in case you can’t get it Pieface.

Why? Good question. Partly because my overlord Nulani said so, partly because I want to fuck with my friends’ minds a bit and partly because I just want to.