Little girl 9-1-1 call

For those who haven’t heard or at least read the 9-1-1 transcript, it’s in a story <A HREF=“”>that can be found here</A>. It’s damn near chilling. This is the kind of terrible stuff that goes on in this world.

He should have killed himself before going to murder those people.

People like this tend to believe that they should get the people who “ruined” their lives before they go.

It’s terrible.

Avoiding the obvious hatred towards the stupidity of murder, that child was very smart. Most 5 year olds I know barely know what a freakin phone is.

Yeah, I gotta agree. I’m infinitely impressed with this kid. She knew to call 911, she knew to get right to the point, it even seems that she knew to tell the dispatcher that there was a dog on the premesis.

Her parents raised her good.

Ohh yeah. My kid is struggling with learning our home phone number. She doesnt understand what she’s learning, but who does at first ? It really sucks that they will probably put her in an orphanage now. I just hope the kid has some good grand parents, or reasponsible “next of kin”. I hate to think of what happens to kids in those places.

According to the deputy, she’s got a lot of family who will take care of her at this point. I’m just hoping that she’s young enough that she doesn’t yet understand the reality of what just happened to her. I’m afraid, however, that those visual images will live in her for the rest of her life.

Well she did realize that they’re dead. I suppose the full magnitude will hit later.

I hope that girl blocks the experience from her mind and gets to grow up normally.

Now that I have a 4-year-old to help raise (my nephew Luis) teaching him how to react in an emergency has become very important to me. I have already told him what do in case he gets lost in the Mall, or if he’s kidnapped. We also have filled up one of those missing-kid kits (with his fingerprints, picture, DNA sample, etc.) just in case. Oh, and my sister has taught him to go over to the neighbor’s in case I ever have a seizure while babysitting him (which hopefully will never happen, as I’m taking my pills like clockwork, but you can never be too careful.)

Smart girl. I hope everything goes well with her.