Little flash game

The one-sidedness boggles the mind.

Won’t load up for me… I just get this black strip. Any ideas?


I gotta admit, Roasting up Forte is addicting.

I suck. I got 5 once and couldn;t break 4 after that. :frowning:

It seems to be frozen at 84 percent for me…oh well

Rank 2. Ouch…

You can’t shoot again until the other one disseapear. If you are real close, you can shoot again fast. So, the middle of the arena is the best place to pick him on. Yep… Its all in the timing…

Also Bass will get hit twice in one shot if you shoot him close enough to the wall. He’ll bounce off of the wall right into your shot again.

Whoo, new record : 41

my record now is 33. cool.

59 and 130.9
Hunter material

My best is 68. Trying to figure out the trick to get 72.

10 hits XD

1st try - 8
2nd try 15
more coming soon!

38 is my top so far… I think I got 139.0 or something.

This is an addicting game… I don’t remember my score, though.

Oh. And speaking of Flash games…

Gah, I can’t beat 11!

AGH! Zero, you’re so mean, quit beating up my poor boyfriend!

Bass is your boyfriend, Fae?

Well you could have chosen better, methinks…

Ha, beaten it 24!