Little flash game

Beat up Bass!

My score is 67 in max combo, as a note.

Lousy AOL. I’ll try again later.

it’s fun, though i can never get a good ending…:frowning:

Bass still sucks, it’s official.

15’s my max.

the first time i played, my max was 3.

shut up. i’m getting better now.

<img src=“”> I Got 8, first Time…Nice mage^^

I got a 57 max combo and Rank 5. Is there anything after Rank 6? What rank did you get, Zero?

Rank 6, I can’t seem to get 7 though.

I got 14 on try 2. Not too shabby

And I rule as always: Rank 1. Wooh!

best try: rank 2. go me!

35, whoo!

dammit i suck, only 9 at my first and only try (the game is pretty cool though)

EDIT: 2nd try - 16 Combo
137.8 Max Height

15 on my first try. I’m gonna go play it until I get a better rating though.

74, baby! Whoo!

Now, i need the max Height and Combo to unlock the final ending.

Grah, the site seems to be down, at least for me. I’ll have to try this later.

Edit: Isn’t anyone else getting any trouble with this? I still can’t get the page to even load

69’s with 140 height is my max, thus far anyway.

Rank 3.

Rank 1, I suck!