little E.weapon help

hay all…

just dusted off the game and the ps1 the other day and started playing again…

I ws having trouble figuring out what materia you use in combo with E.weapon matera so that you can get more of there skills… i think its either "sence " or “steal” … can some one Email me and correct my stonnerisum


It might make things a little easier if you could explain what game you’re talking about (although since you mention materia, we can only assume it’s FF7) and post when you’re able to think and write coherently.

If you’re talking about the Enemy Skill materia, which is the only logical assumption I can make about your question, it doesn’t matter what it’s paired with, or if it’s paired with anything at all. To gain more enemy skills, you must have an enemy use a skill on the character with Enemy Skill materia attached (and they must survive the battle). That is the only way to get new enemy skills. Check the shrine if you need more help: