Little computer problem

Well,after a while i connect to the internet my computer unexpectantly restarts,before it shut’s down it says something like:NT Autority System and a little something with System 32.Any help you can give?

Thanks in advance.

Sounds like Blaster to me. What AV do you use?

Already checked,can’t be blaster.Oh i just remember before starting shutdown it says something about a problem encountered in LSA(Export Version)



Its sounds like a blaster, however, there are so many variants out now it might not be.

Download that and run it, just in case it is a typical blaster.

Does the blaster worm always shuts down the computer with RPC(Remote procedure call)?Because if it does what i got then its not the blaster.

The first version of Blaster did, and I’m almost sure the second one also did that too, but I cannot say anything about it for any other streams that may exist.

Have you already trying reinstalling your system?

Did it,but i might know what is causing,it may be the new Sasser worm

It Re-boots the computer just like the blaster,other than that it’s harmless.Going to check if it is.

Nope,not sasser not blaster.I will keep cheking to see what it is but here is some extra information about what happens to me to see if you know.

When the error screen appears with the countdown to the re-start it says that the C:\Windows\system32\lsass.exe disconnected.


Ok, well, there’s really no way we can run through a list of all the hot viruses right now, because the error message/information you’ve given is extremely generic. has cures for almost all worms and viruses out.

However, you probably dont have just one virus, you probably have 2 working in tandem, one ripping a hole in your protection, and a second shutting it down/stealing control.

Try running a cure for ‘W32.Gaobot.<whatever variant>’, because this is a common worm that will open your computer up for whatever other virus wants in.

But to cure the problem immediatly, the best solution is to save your documents and reformat.

Here’s all the other information i can provide:

1-Virus starts working when i connect to the internet
2-it try’s to restart my computer
3-I can’t turn off the computer myself only log off or change user
4-Windows update does not work
5-Norton Antivirus can’t detect anything
6-I can’t turn off or turn on my system restore once i connect
7-I lose my status as the computer administrador

Hope that is a little less generic.

Just backup your shit and format.

Have you tried looking at


Also, get yourself a firewall, they help a LOT for these sorts of things

Alright, well unless you’re using a different PC to post this information then the problem can’t be that bad. Here’s what you should try doing.

  1. Reboot your PC, if you can’t then just pull the power plug and then restart it.
  2. While the PC is booting press F8 to access the start up configuration.
  3. Chose safe mode and login normally.
  4. Try to connect to the internet, hopefully it won’t reboot.
  5. Download AVG.
  6. Install, update and run it.
  7. Do a full system scan and remove anything it finds.
  8. Reboot the PC and boot normally.
  9. Try connecting to see if it works.

Without knowing more about you’re problem it’s hard to give you more detailed advice, but try and that let me know if it works.

Well so far so good,I went and downloaded what Shalcar recomended and so far it does’nt reboot,but a ain’t counting my chickens yet.

just patch up with the critical updates from windows… cuz even though you’re getting rid of the problem, if you don’t patch up it will come back.

I will do it once i come from school tomorow Drak,but everything seems to be stable now.I really got to thank all of you for your help,all of you are the best :yipee: :wave: :get it?:

Again thanks and sorry for bothering so much with this.

Ok…here’s how we’ve (we being my friends and me, not the incompetent fucknuts in computer aid who’ve just put up a permanent away message for when you call their number) been going about it after my school was massively ravaged by the new one.

  1. Use AVG/whatever
  2. Update Windows.
  3. Turn off your System Restore. Hopefully, seeing this, someone’ll tell me how to route this little bastard out of whatever files it gets into that alllow it to reinstall itself whenever you restart your computer. AVG does NOT prevent it from doing this.

What have you done with Media Player? And Why can’t I install any thing?

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Big Nutter
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