Little bit of info on Alter Code F

I’ve been looking at the screenshots, biding my time until this game finally gets released, and I took a peek at a few of the dungeon screenshots. It seems the game’s basic system has changed to a more WA3-esque one. Here are some of the things I noticed.

  • The ! before a battle has been implemented, so you can now skip encounters, as opposed to the “fight everything” approach of WA1. 8)

  • The ECN gauge and Migrant Seal ideas are implemented as well, so skipping battles requires ECN points, just like WA3 again! 8)

  • VIT bars have also been implemented. You will be healed at the end of battle, but it will drain your VIT meter.

  • Michiko Naruke is doing the music, again. 8) I just know the soundtrack is going to kick serious ass.

  • Free look has been added! You can now use the Control Stick to look around dungeons in first person. 8) That is just so cool!

  • Movement from WA3 is back. You can hang from ceilings, jump down from cliffs, throw crap around, spin valves, etc. 8)

  • Vocals have been added to battles. Imagine Zeik shouting a war cry during battle before plunging Glumzaber into Rudy’s chest… beautiful!

I am getting this the DAY it comes out, and I will not be attending classes until I finish the game. Seriously. 8)



I should get around to finnishing WA.

And WA2.

And WA3…

Originally posted by Dalton Of Zeal
I am getting this the <strike>DAY</strike>MINUTE it comes out

I never got the chance to play WA.

Looks like now I’ll be able to :smiley:

<img src=“”> Since I never played any of the Wild Arms game, I will end up picking this up, since it a remake of the orignal. Just one question, after I get done playing this, I will get Wild Arms 3, but what about 2? Is that any good or should I just skip it and move onto the third game?

:D~~~~ and rirse, WA2 isnt bad, but its not the best in the series.

WA2 is excellent, but you have to approach it a certain way. Don’t expect amazing visuals or good translation, because you won’t find them. But you’ll find a lot of fun, a great soundtrack, and one of the best game stories ever.