Listen up you primitive screwheads (from Amerycinsycho)

Greetings from wildwood, new jersey, it is I, 'sycho, I am dictating this message to BMO, as I can’t get on the MF internet at work, since all the foreigners like to go over their 30 min limit.

I’m currently fulfilling my life’s dream of working an crappy amusement pier in the back of a haunted pirate ride scaring the shit out of small children and teenagers for 6 dollars an hour.

I’ve come to love the taste of Pennsylvania Dutch birch beer AND the delectability of polish water ice.

I go every night to drink in the basement of a laser shooting haunted house ride called “zombie world” (that’s what the sign says). I’m losing my train of thought anyways how are all of you doing? damnit muffled I can’t think of anything else, It would be easier if I was actually there

Ever day I walk to work, and listen to Slayer’s “Reign and Blood”. I find that it helps me get through the day for when I become agitated when the customers don’t realize the difference between a 34’’ child and a 36’’ inch height requirement.

I met a guy from England, he is very sarcastic and is in to physics. I met 2 girls from Ireland that hate beer for some reason.

Here 11’o clock is called “sticks” and it is almost that time, so soon I will be plastered.

Best Wishes,
Lots of hugs, no drugs


PS: Charl rulz

This is my favorite part.

Guess there not Irish.

:moogle: sniff seems only yesterday he was introducing himself sniff now he all grown up and scaring kids sniff you got a tissue?

Oh shit, where exactly are you? I head down there all the time to <strike>play in arcades</strike>hang out on the beach.

It would have been more befitting this wrestling avatar week if the title was “Listen up you pencil necked geeks.” God bless Classie Freddie Blassie. :slight_smile:

Please tell me he went to Polka Spree by the Sea over the weekend.

no drugs? what a dissapointment.


Your level of faggotry is astounding.

This is my boomstick?

We love you Joe! Hugs and kisses to you! Oh yes!


But duh, if we were primitive we wouldn’t have computers! :stuck_out_tongue:

Well it turns out that Sycho tripped over a shoe after his shift tonight and broke his face. He wont be cosplaying for WEEKS. Serves him right, his radio show is unfunny and nauseating to my ears.