Listen to the minibosses!

I wish I could post the link to you guys, but you need a subscription to read the full article, and I wish I could copy the article for you guys, but my copy/paste thing is messed up at the moment. Anyways, this is a band based around in Arizona that plays old Nintendo tunes, like Castlevania, Megaman, and Goonies. It’s pretty good, and you can download a couple mp3s from their site. Thus far, they’ve been unable to reach Nintendo about this stuff, and Nintendo has thus far been unavailable for contact. Oh, and they’ve got somewhat of a local following, and their fans are colled “Bossies”.

I’m actually listening to Megaman 2 right now, pretty nice.

Thank you RPGC Sinistral

Teh r0xx0r. \m/

Minibosses are awesome.

That band is a huge waste of time and talent.

My brother let me listen to them months back, and I like what I heard.

I love the Bubbleman cover.

Yeah, Sin and I have seen two of their shows… one in AZ and one in L.A. They’re pretty impressive. (how many times have I repeated this now? <.<;)

6 times, but who’s counting?

The lead player, and the bass player at the very least, are pretty damn talented; I know that it’s not the easiest thing to play those kindsa songs, heh. The drummer though, is pretty bad, and that makes the entire band sound kinda mediocre. It’s a good idea in concept, but an entire band dedicated to it? Not my style. I like it when people just make songs ABOUT particular video games better, and throw in a lick or two, that’s much more amusing to me. The Minibosses are alright, I suppose.

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Already have.