Listen, bitch

Yesterday I had two Grilled Ham and Provolone Cheese sandwiches with light coatings of Mayonaisse and Sweet italian Dressing. If that wasn’t the msot delicious thing I’ve eaten in months, then may I lose everey hair on my head. And possibly every hair down there. <<

If you need fake cheeseburgers, it’s called McDonalds. >.>;

But chicken burgers are indeed orgasmic. =D I love having them grilled and with BBQ sauce. high fives SG and DG That aside, anyone besides me eat steak sandwiches?

McDonald’s isn’t a bad fast food place. It gets the bad rap, but their food is as good as anything you’d make at home, except for the one in a million cases of some kid picking a burger off the floor and serving it before being promptly fired, and they’ve never gotten my order wrong.

My only beef with McDonald’s (get it!? BEEF!?!?! LOZOLZLOZ!!!) is that their burgers are tiny. You can go through three or four of them in like two minutes. Even their quarter pounders are only like, eighth pounders :stuck_out_tongue:

wow, chickenburgers, your really cultured, seriously you should have your own show on the food network, it could be called “some jackass cooks things you ate in elementry school”.

waits for impact

Fool, i only got them in middle school, think that’s what i regularly had too with little mayo woo. Lets see you make a more entertaining thread that doesn’t give nightmares, bud.

okay, then i’ll make the best thread ev0r,

but not now

Sorry, I’m not up-to-date on slang, what the hell does “non-poxed” mean? Like, undiseased?

Well, for starters, I’ve only had sex with two girls in my neighborhood. The rest have either been out of state or pretty hot rich chicks with short abercrombie skirts.

I was kidding Sorc, but seriously, what’s so funny about the idea of me “fucking” a girl? I’ve seen pictures of you, and frankly you fucking one is a hell of a lot more hillarious than the idea of me doing the same. I’d at least give a damn about the girl for one thing, which doesn’t seem to be a requirement for you considering how many you claim to have had and how you just toss the idea around like a used rag. No comments on crap like this, okay? Because I do take it personally.

Sorc has half a dozen tentacles Hades, you don’t. That’s why.

Shit! Sorry, I forgot he was so adept.

For the most part, I don’t care about the girls any more than they care about me. Sure, I’ve had a few relationships that went on for a while, but I’m in high school, I care about as much as anybody else does.

And frankly, if you care so much about the relationships in high school - you’re missing out. It’s the people who put so much effort into relationships and shit that never get laid. If that’s all I want, then I tell the girl - hey, you know, this is a sex thing, and in all liklihood that’s what I get back. It hardly makes me any less of a person. After all, what good is caring about someone like that if you don’t get it back? It’s a waste of time - and you should get over it.

Furthermore, I said what I said based more on what I have percieved to be your personality.

Lastly, just how many women do I “claim” to have slept with?

Two in your area, and at least two others, one “not in your area” and one who is a “hot chick with a short abercrombie skirt.” That’s four at the least, and your tone implied there could be multiple in each of those categories. That’s a bit much, but like I said, if you don’t care, then whatever :stuck_out_tongue:

Just don’t comment on how hillarious it’d be for a goof like me to be intimate. Believe me, I’m only goofy around RPGC.

Being intimate and getting laid can be the same thing, but they can also be different. Sure, dude, I have no doubt that you’ll one day find someone and you’ll be intimate and lovey dovey and have kids and be happy parents and all that - but the idea of you just “fucking a hot chick” is ridiculous - I’ve known you long enough to know that it doesn’t happen for you because, as you’ve implied, you seem to care more about having a relationship with someone than just hitting and quitting.

Well if that’s what you meant, then it works perfectly :stuck_out_tongue:

See, I really figured that since I was talking about you, to you, that you would understand. I will not use such shadowed cynicisim again.

You best be shuttin’ yo FACE, before I drop plates on ya ass, ya rootin’ tootin’ BIOTCH

Mmm… Chicken Teriyaki (No professional experiences… mostly home-cooking.) good. Very good.

SPICY Kebab with Rice. Dude. I love it.

Can’t I have a chicken breast instead?

hmm recently i’ve been eating at kfc a lot, sure the meats kinda greasy but the thigh kicks so much ass.