Listen, bitch

I was put on this world for TWO purposes: To fuck hot girls and to enjoy FOOD. So I’m gonna make another food thread, because I’m bored, I can’t post porn, and to annoy BahamutXero with more pointless crap.

Anyway, I’m totally having chickenburgers tonight. They combine america’s staple poultry with lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, and dozens of the best condiments in the food UNIVERSE. Chickenburgers are totally orgasmic, they like, <font size=“5”><b><u><i>totally blow my MIND.</b></u></i></font> The only thing better is ACTUAL cheeseburgers, and maybe tacos!

I only eat chicken burgers plain, with cheese. i had two last weekend for the first time in like, years, and I shared your orgasmic experience. It was fantastic. I am eating chicken as I type this. I will wake up with feathers some day maybe, but I can’t give up my chicken.

Actual cheeseburgers? As opposed to what, like fake ass cheeseburgers? :stuck_out_tongue:

I love chickenburgers :smiley: Even though I’m not much for variety. Any kind of chicken is great, but the only thing that touches it, is bread and barbeque sauce. Damn straight, now THAT’S a fucking chicken burger, bitches.

So, are these chickenburgers made from ground chicken the way that hamburgers are made from ground beef, or are we talking more like a chicken sandwich done up to be like a burger?

The ones I have are ground chicken, covered in batter.

Chicken patties, Vicki. The chicken is breaded and round and stuff. They’re sooo good. I wonder if that’s what hades is enjoying.

EDIT: I guess they are?

Oh, I see. I’m used to grilling a chicken breast and enjoying it in a sandwich form from there. I haven’t had the patties - it’s sort of odd seeing a giant chicken nugget on a bun. =)

Vicki’s living the high life. I don’t have the luxury of grilling everything I eat, so I just get the boxed ones, which are still pretty orgasmic. Grilled chicken is the BEST though. My god! I once had grilled teriyaki chicken at a Japanese restaurant, CHRIST! That was the first time I truly realized the difference a good chef can make.

Grilled chicken is awesome.

Mm-hmm, gotta love that cock! <<

I so agree with you.

I mean, erm, in an objective kind of way.

/me High Fives SG =D

I had the most bitchin ass sandwich today, at the Alpine Deli! it was turkey on wheat, with lettuce, tomoato, and mayo. and swiss cheese. deeeelicious! also got a couple Kinder Eggs, one had a sweet ass bi-plane. and the other was a teapot that walks.

Chicken burgers? They were really popular when I was in high school. There was a place called “Chick’n Burger” or something like that not far from the school, and all the popular kids hung out there at lunch and they all loved those things.

Supposedly they taste good with mayo on them. Hmm…

Wow, I finally got through to you! There is a God!

I never knew there was such a thing as chicken burger. I may try one myself. I can’t stand regualr hamburgers though. They look like dog shit to me. Well that and chemo made them taste like metal.

Chicken Burger…?

What is this that you speak of? It can’t be as good as you say, or else I would’ve heard of it by now.

Speaking of Japanese food, I went to lunch with coworkers at a nearby Japanese restaurant. That place kicks so much ass. I’ve decided it will be my restaurant of choice for my invitation-only last-day lunch if or when I find other employment.

I’d like to say that the thought of Hades ever fucking a girl, much less a hot girl, just makes me giggle.

Carry on.

Thanks Sorc. I think you ever so much as touching a non-poxed girl in your little ghetto is even more of a stretch though.


I had a really bitching supper, actually.
a McDonald’s side salad with light vinegarette dressing =)
Not to mention two packs of apple-dippers and some cookies >>
Man, I love eating well =D