List the top five movies you've seen this year so far.

V for Vendetta was the only movie that really stood out for me. Sure all the rest were ok, but i really liked V for Vendetta…its my favorite movie now. ^^ To tell you the truth, not alot of good movies came out this year…well, thats what i think. --

I watche Hinokio last week and Kamen Rider First about a month ago. I think that’s the only movies I watched so far this year that I hadn’t seen before.

  1. Howl’s Moving Castle. Sophie is such an awesome character :slight_smile: They all are, really. Great dub, too.
  2. End of Evangelion. I saw this for the first time back in the spring. It creeps me out just thinking about it.
  3. Wallace and Gromit - Curse of the Were-Rabbit. Hilarious.

I would also mention that I saw Narnia, but it was not a terribly good movie.

<small>Edit: Sorry, DR, but I haven’t seen many movies this year.</small>

Ok, fine, I’ll edit the subject line.

Hey, hey! Another vote for Howl’s moving castle. The first time I watched this I thought the dog was hilarious :stuck_out_tongue: I saw it again one week ago, still loved it. I’m also quite fond of the art style. The story is more character driven but I don’t mind.

I can’t remember which movies I saw. V for Vendetta was a lot better than I expected though. About Syriana, it was weird to see a political movie in 2006. Not that it was an eye opener or sth, nice change of pace though.

Match Point was great. One of the best movies of Woody Allen and most probably it’ll be liked by people who don’t like him. It’s got British, opera and Scarlet Johansson. What more could one ask for?


I’d go with:
A Scanner Darkly
V For Vendetta
Superman Returns

I think X-Men and Pirates dissapointed me a great deal.

Little Miss Sunshine
Thank You For Smoking
Pirates of the Carribean II (in dead last, BTW)
The Hills Have Eyes (not nearly as good as the first, though)
Snakes on a Plane

Those are the only movies I saw this year in the theater, I think.

The Hills Have Eyes is a remake? I was wondering because there’s actually a sequel… How old is the original?

The original was made in 77, the sequel in 85, and the third installment in 95.