List the top five movies you've seen this year so far.

What movies FROM 2006 would you consider the best you’ve seen this year?

In no order:

Little Miss Sunshine
The Departed
Superman Returns
Talldega Nights

Here’s four that come quickly to my mind. A fifth eludes me.

Ladri di biciclette
The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly
Little Miss Sunshine
The Departed

Syriana and V for Vendetta were good (esp v for vendetta)… Pirates of the Carribean II was excellent. Can’t wait for the 3rd. I probably saw more movies but none come to mind particularly. I saw A scanner darkly and xmen 3 but meh. I don’t go out to movies often.

Pirates of the Carribean 2
The Shining
The US vs. Lennon
The Last king of Scotland

I think that’s all I saw. But then it’s been 10 months, so I can’t really remember what I saw when.

Umm… shining didnt come out in 2006, or was there a gay remake out?

Talladega Nights
Employee of the Month

I only saw two movies…

Pirates of the Carribean
Pirates of the Carribean: Dead Man’s Chest
Fight Club

Only 4. ;_;

If you’re counting only movies that came out this year…

Clerks II
Trailer Park Boys: The Movie
X-Men 3 (only because that moron dies so early inthe movie)
Pirates of the Carribean 2

Out of ones that have come out this year, let’s see.

Superman Returns (not quite as good as I hoped, especially the second half)
Silent Hill (I was pleasantly surprised with this)

I saw X-Men 3, but that would only be in the top 5 because I didn’t see 5 new movies this year. I fucking hated that movie. I love the first 2, but the third one just ruins it all).

Yeah, I better clarify.

Top five movies that came out this year. I thought it was clear from the thread title. Guess I was wrong.

Memoirs of a Geisha
Silent Hill
Pirates of the Carribean :Dead Man’s Chest (Though they could have made a better ending. Seriously, if it didn’t have that really long fight scene, the ending would’ve been the climax of the movie and we’d have some resolution)

X-Men 3 ( Didn’t like it. You’d have to be a fan of the comics to get all the details, and even then, you’d roll your eyes at the ‘plot’)

I haven’t seen many movies this year.

Thank You For Smoking
Little Miss Sunshine
The Devil Wears Prada
X-Men: The Last Stand
Tristan and Isolde

Anyone who hasn’t seen Thank You For Smoking should go and buy the DVD immediately. Far and away the best comedy of the year.

V for Vendetta
Pirates of the Carribean II
Monster House
Silent Hill

Hmm… In no order…

Silent Hill
Pirates of the Carribean II
X Men 3 ( I thought it was good. Still no Gambit, which sucks)
Memoirs of a Geisha

I thought Syriana was ok. It was definitly relevent of the times we live in, but overall I thought it was underdeveloped. I’m not a big fan of movies with multiple plot lines that rarely intersect; for example I think Matt Damon and George Cloony’s characters share screen time twice and they don’t even speak to each other. Cloony’s character was also a little too obvious. He played the part well, but the whole “CIA rouge-crappy father” part has been done already in less serious films which, I think, hurt the credibility of the character immensely.

Sorc, you should see Trailer Park Boys: The Movie, if it ever comes out in the US. I think you’d like it.

Silent Hill.Sorry Only Movie That Was Good Enough For Me To Watch This Year.

What’s it about?

Criminals living in Halifax, Nova Scotia, who live on a trailer park. They get high, get drunk, and think up stupid ways to make money.
It’s also a TV show in Canada, by the same name(minus “: the movie”). Same plot as the movie, different schemes each episode though and more characters.

I somewhat agree, although it wasn’t really as funny as the trailer made it out to be. A very, very clever plot though.

And I’ll have to look into that trailer park thing Gila. I might download it or something.

I believe it came out around '82.

Yeah, you should have clarified. I saw the '83ish version of The Shining (with Jack Nicholson) on TV. But it was during this year.