Liquid water found on one of Saturn's moons

You might be able too, if they fit a probe with enough fuel to retroboost its way back to earth after getting some gas stuck on it, or a probe that lasts long enough to manipulate some samples. Who knows what people can develop in the next 20 years or so :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, I think you meant “c’est la vie”, which would be more appropriate, but the other expression is “c’est la guerre”

>< I just spelled it how it sounded. I am amazed you figured out my garbled french. “C’est la vie”? “That is life”? I picked up “c’est la guerre” from me father, he told me it meant “Its the war.” and I believe that. (I am taking latin). But ya, good job.

As to whether or not they develop the technology, they alse then have to build it, send it out, then get it to come back… Thats gonna take a loooong time. But who knows, I plan on living a lng time, I might just see it.

Terraformation another in a short peoriod of time is the only thing that would be TRUELY impressive.