Liquid water found on one of Saturn's moons


Geysers have been discovered on Enceladus, one of Saturn’s (not our Mr. Saturn, thankfully ;D) moons. AND, get this.

“The plumes through which Cassini flew last July contain methane, contain CO2, propane — they contain several organic materials.”

The third necessary ingredient — energy for fueling life’s processes — could exist around hydrothermal vents around the bottom of Enceladus’ water reservoirs, just as it does around Earth’s deep-ocean hydrothermal vents.


People are having nerdgasms on the site where I found this.

I don’t see how it makes a difference, since Saturn is 1429400000 km from the Sun. This doesn’t help US, and it’s not surprising that other planets (or moons) might have life. It’s kind of cool… but it doesn’t really mean anything. It’s not new.

Ooo. We could bottle it and get rich!

Its not new but it makes a point.

Yeah it doesn’t mean anything until they fucking INVADE US

I, for one, welcome our new insect overlords.

Aw, Yar beat me to it. :frowning:

I agree with Hades, they keep finding out new more and more stuff, so why repeat the whole " Holy crap" thing?

There could be microbial life there, so it’d be interesting to see how different the basic structure of life developed on another planet is.

Yay, aliens! Okay, not really.

That’s interesting.

It is suprising that other planets so close to us have life though.

Oh, good. I knew I was gaining a couple of pounds (I’m maybe 25 lbs or so overweight), but I was hoping I wasn’t collecting moons yet. :smiley:

Now what i think will be cool, is when we start moving to other planets, like to live, but that might not be for a long time.

No they’re already starting colonies on mars.

Errr… No, not to my knowledge. As far as I know we have only sent probes to Mars. Unless hat was some sort of government conspiracy… like the transatlantic cable.

You are very slow.


I never claimed otherwise… I do try to not make myself look like a complete idiot. Just a slow one, at times.

shrug Anyways. I wonder, are they refering to the supposed silicon based life-forms around underwater volcanic vents, when they talk about the possible life on Enceladus? 'cause I had asked my biology teacher about them one time and she said they hadn’t actually found the creatures based on silicon, it was just a theory. Note, I am just stating what I heard, not stating what I know is fact.

As I understand it, the basic structure of all life here is the same. If life evolved independently on a different planet, finding an entirely new paradigm for life would be – the most important discovery for biology since evolution.

It would be the equivalent of, say, everyone in the world speaking only English, and then discovering Japanese – only ten times that.

No, the life forms would be carbon-based. There’s currently no such thing as silicon-based life. They mentioned organic compounds being released from the volcanic smog.

Thats what I thought, Thanks. Still should be very cool. If I was only born fifty years later, so that maybe, just maybe I might havea chance to study the life forms more thoughly, That would be cool. But alas, I probably won’t see too much, if any direct research of the possible life. shrug Se Laguere.