Lionheart (An introduction thread)

“Yeah. Everyone- just ignore what went on at the top of this thread. Its okay. No really, dont worry.”

Glad to know you going to be a common visiter.

Steve just so you know we are still on for that fencing duel to the death tomorrow

oh and welcome to the forums Squall :slight_smile:

Oh god stop spamming take it to PMs fag lol

(guys this post was full of sarcasm don’t start whining)

The guy’s name is Squall or Leonhart or whatever and TD said “Whatever” as a reference to how everyone says “Whatever” to imitate Squall from the game. Did that just go over people’s heads, or something? I mean, at least give TD a little credit here.

(Although I’m fairly sure some people were in fact being sarcastic, I stopped fully reading and started skimming a few posts ago.)

Edit: His name was in fact Squall. Now the mystery is solved.

TD dreamt he was a moron.

Welcome. It is, in fact, a lot like this in this forum.

Good to know

  • Squall

I am <strike>Sparticus</strike>Squall!

Perhaps he is a moron, dreaming that he is TD?

Yeah, it went completely over my head. I’m not even kidding :stuck_out_tongue:

I used to post on omgjeremy’s forum for like three years, but got tired of it, so came here, finally, I haven’t regretted it yet, lol. Not to sound like a guide, but it seems like just about any other forum, perhaps a lil bit more organized, and so far, tiny bit friendlier, but of course, me saying that will surely bring assholes out of the woodwork, tee hee.

Sometimes you people make me sad.

Jeez dude, you need to simmer down! Ugh!

Yeah, welcome and stuff…

I am hypnotized by Dev’s avatar. Damn that girl can dance.

I can’t look away.

Funny, I’m sick of Dev’s avatar. Mainly because I’ve got dialup, so it takes forever to load and slows way down about halfway through.

Oh, and hi to the newb.

Hello Squall. Welcome to rpgc and enjoy yourself and stuff. I’m surprised no one has said it yet (or maybe I just missed it, damn eyes of mine) but don’t take anything too seriously. Now, have a moogle black mage and a waddle dee

I thought TD was just you know, making a joke about what Squall says a lot in his video game :G

Edit: Shit did I join this thread too late?


Greetings Sqaull and welcome to RPGC. Please enjoy your welcome dance

Hi Squall, have fun while you’re here. ^^

Cait, you’re avvie is funny.