Linux Or Windows

Hi! I don’t care if you are botherd by this, it’s a simple question.¨
Wha do you use?

Question number two | Music, free copyright or not?

Thats all for me.
Have a good day.

/I’m a user of linux, but that does NOT mean that i’m a geek, well, I am, but thats not the point/


I don’t know what you mean by copyright, but it should be free to download and share.

Polling forum.

Do you intend to start a debate over this or are you just polling? If you want a debate you’ll have to kick start things with some info of your own I’m afraid.


Well… That’s kind of original.
You say that you won’t ever drop as low as create a “Hi, I’m new” thread, so instead of introducing yourself, you ask others questions. :stuck_out_tongue:

But still… I’ts cool that you actually registered here. :smiley:

(For those of you who don’t know him, i.e. all of you :P, this is a friend of mine from my school.
And yes, he’s a Linux freak. As if Wert wasn’t bad enough, now we’ve got two of 'em. :eek:
And since I’m using Linux on my new computer I guess there’s three very soon. :mwahaha:)

And as for the questions, well, you know what I think so I’m going to answer them, because I’m lazy.
(And yes, I know that it would have been easier to just answer the questions instead of writing this, but I’m not being lazy, I’m just making a point.
And no, I’m still not answering the questions. :P)

I’ve heard Linux is better, but Windows is more user-friendly.

And pirating all the way.

Windows sucks, but I don’t know how to use Linux, so unfortunately for me, it’s Windows.


Polling Forum.