Linux and gaming compatiblity

After looking at a few games I wished to buy for my PC, I was distressed to find out they do not support 98. But, I have very little desire to install the evil that is 2000 or XP. So, the logical conclusion seems to be Linux.

But, I am not sure HOW Linux is compatible with higher-end OS games, or even if it is… or which version to get, for that matter.

Should I go for Linux, or swallow my bile and install XP?

That title is so incredibly funny.

Just suck up your bile and get one of the newer Windows OSes. Hell, get Win 2K3. With some tweaking it’s like a non-shitty variant of XP.


Linux is not a gaming platform, and shows no signs of becoming one with ease anytime soon.

The majority of all games you play on Linux you play because you’re using a Windows emulator–which kinda defeats the point of switching in my opinion.

Then, I guess its XP, considering I don’t have 2k, and don’t want to shell out for it. Ugh, I feel so dirty…

Just hope XP doesn’t try something like taking over my 98 on the primary drive

XP actually is a fairly good OS, as long as it’s not preinstalled on a computer already, and you tweak around some shit.

I use linux.

And i would have to agree with TD and Pie (though they dont use the system >_>) that if the sole reason you are looking at it is for games, dont use it. Its not easy to use, if you are a complete n00b, going linux only can be really hard.

It is possible to play games on linux, yes. Of course there are the emulators like wine and winex, which work perfectly fine, and can run every windows game imaginable, but it is not as simple as playing/installing games on windows.

There also linux remakes of most popular games.

But the bottom line is that linux is a workstation os, not a game os. So just use XP. I doubt if you would have the patience and deteremination it takes to get the system running smoothly, and the time it takes to get used to a completely different OS anyway. Just keep on being a microsoft sheep.

I don’t use Linux, but I’ve worked a little bit with it on a few occasions, have had to suffer through Wert a lot more than most people (timezone and all) and have been tinkering a bit with the idea of a dual boot (though I’m terribly lazy, so that most likely will never happen).

I think Min Sprecifations for Quake was Linux is a was a P166 when the Windows/dos was 486-66MHz (I had one and and a 486-33Mhz Btw).

My Assumtion I have Linux is a Free OS when you don’t want windows, I heard it’s easier to Program in Linux. I’ve Been tempted to Install Redhat several occations. But I Never used Linux or Unix, (or Be OS (I’ve got free ver of it too)).

Big Nutter

<a href=“”>
An interview with the founder of Wine, the linux emulator we were talking about. It explains alot of its uses and limits.</a>

Engage brain, before engaging fingers.

Virtually nonexistant.
And will remain so.

At least don’t expect it to run high-end games.

It seems like English is his second language, not that he has an issue with his brain. ;p

Anyway, XP isn’t so bad.

The only mainstream game that I know that has a Linux version is Quake 1. I don’t know if CS has a Linux version too.

-_-, yes, but like i said, most “mainstream” games can (in theory and many times in practice) be run just as well, if not better throw emulation, or patch projects like “transgaming”.

One notable instance where the game runs better on linux than windows is “diablo 2”.