Line Rider

This is an addicting game. I have been playing it non-stop since this afternoon. Thought you guys might like to try.

makes a slope that ends abruptly with a wall >:)

Trill beat me to it.

I once saw a game which was kinda like this, but on every stage there were some fixed walls, and you had to take an object (a ball) from one point to another.

makes a slope that ends in a death spiral

I don’t know why but all my spirals fling the guy out of the curve and abruptly towards the centre, where he hangs on the hook. ?

Yep. Thanks, EZ.

I may like the game but not as much as this person does.

Way to use that architectural degree =).

Your stupid fucking game crashed my Firefox.

Thats not my problem :stuck_out_tongue:

Works fine on my Firefox =p