Lina -- Nessa attempts to learn to draw!

I’ve come across the “How to Draw Manga” website, and have used their tutorials to help me learn how to draw, because I suck at drawing, and I want to be better.

So here is the head of “Lina,” a character I made up for the sole purpose of practicing. She has a neck too, but since it’s not attached to any shoulders yet, it’s kinda hard to tell.

Anyway… constructive criticism… now!

Well, thats nice, but it’s not really enough to go on for constructive critisicm. How about drawing more than just the head? :stuck_out_tongue:

A) I wanted some before I continued
B) I’m lazy

It’s nice, much better than when I draw.

She’s cute. huggles Nessa

That drawing has inspired me to start work on my own semi-quasi-manga-esque drawing(I just know that’s how mine’ll turn out…).

Good work.

Her hair’s very Garnet-like.

I think her nose could be a tad higher and a little more of the left side of the drawing. Her mouth could be moved a little to the left, too.

Overall, it’s a very nice drawing. ^^ I hope you finish it.

Very nice.

(this is just what I think. Not all of them are necessarily to your taste, so draw whatever you feel is good)

-hairline can be lower
-eyebrows a bit too thick
-eyelashes can be more defined
-eye whites? that’s one big pupil :stuck_out_tongue:
-nose more to the left

Lina is very pretty, Nessa. :cool:

I would offer criticism, but I know almost nothing about Manga.

Looks like a nice start to me :slight_smile: Apart from what other people already said, maybe you could experiment with different pencils to see which one fits you and this style best. A technicality to end them all, but ah well…

/recalls the time he went there himself to check upon things, but then learned his stuff quicker elsewhere…

Your real problems start with the body, not the head, let me assure you. I started with heads somewhat nicely and noticed that my body anatomy went kinda haywire wince I had never ever practiced any proportions earlier…

Thank the higher powers for a good art teacher in high school

Yeah… I know whatcha mean there. I’m HORRIBLE at bodies… but. I MUST GET BETTER!

I’ll show you guys when i get more of this done.

It looks cute and very promising. Keep up the good work! :slight_smile:

Very nice, perhaps the chin could be a little less angular?

Ooh, I like her hair! If I knew who she was (I don’t know a thing about manga or anime), I’d recognize her. But she’s very cute! And I must say, you’re certainly a good artist for a first timer! Much, much better than me!

I say you should draw more!

Nice job for a start. :slight_smile: I’m not good with advise so just listen to what the other’s said to work on.

It’s good Nessa. Much better than what I could have done :slight_smile:

Originally posted by Dalton Of Zeal
Ooh, I like her hair! If I knew who she was (I don’t know a thing about manga or anime), I’d recognize her.

You’re not s’posed to recognize her. :stuck_out_tongue: Like the heading on the top says, she’s nothing more than a practice ho! Bwahahahaa!

Oh, and I plan on editing some, making use of suggestions, and attempting somewhat of a body. sucks at drawing bodies

The shading/coloring of her hair is kinda raw. [Note: “raw” is neither “good” nor “bad” that’s just how I’d describe that look. I kinda like it, personally. I dunno if that was your goal or not.]

Is her head supposed to be tilted at an angle? If not, than other people’s comments about centering the nose and mouth might apply (and her left I should come up a little bit). If she IS supposed to be tilting her head (which is what I first assumed) than that’s all fine.

The neck, such as it is, is really good.

[Insert similar comments about the shape of her hair, too.]

In general, actually, I really like the eyes. Yeah, there’s no whites, but I’m figuring that’s a convention of the style (and even if it’s not, I like it anyway and recommend you make it your style).

I can see the lines where you drew her locks of hair “through” her eyebrows and eyes. That would be something to “clean up.”

Overall, pretty good (and way ahead of my level of drawing “talent”, to be sure).

Her chin’s the only real problem I see. Other than that, you should proud of your ho, Nessa!