LilDevil needs help every five minutes

Here, LilDevil, I made this thread for all of the many problems you have. You don’t need to make anymore threads now. No need to thank me.

I’ve got 2 Prablyms! (/CoachZ)

hey… im not exactly new to html… ive done it… but not recently… and unless uve got some form of private chat i will suffice without your help

You know, he would have no problem at all if he read the fucking manuals…

I looked through the manual and didnt see it… unfortunately

Nobody tell him that we have a chat room!

shakes head let him be guys.

lildevil: I never officially welcomed you to here, so Welcome to RPGC. :slight_smile: the place where, as you can tell, people get all in a frenzy over the littlest things.

just make a not to yourself not to make a lot of question posts like this… you can keep it to one and people will still read it (hell, half the people here have no other lives than to post on the MBs) :slight_smile:

anyways, have fun while here.

people, chill out.

I just thought he could use an official thread… I didn’t think I was doing bad. ;_;

drops a lemon on Charle’s head

Anyway, LilDevil, don’t hesitate to ask if you need help.

What? I didn’t do anything.

Originally posted by Weiila
drops a lemon on Charle’s head

Guys, give him a break.

But lildevil, you can also try using PMs. Sometimes, they can be faster, and you won’t clutter up the MB with this.

Originally posted by Charlemagne
Nobody tell him that we have a chat room!

We do?

Originally posted by Alyx
We do?

We… do.

Yet Quickchat doesn’t work for me…grah…

Originally posted by Alyx
We do?

I’m just wondering if you’ve ever been to the main page? Since the links to everything on the site are grouped right there, since it’s the main page and all. This site IS more than just a messageboard, it’s a chatroom too…I mean it has plenty of useful and well written shrines about RPGs. Yeah, thats the ticket.