Like, yo

My name is Jessica. I’m very dear friends with Val, and an acquaintance of GG Crono’s. Been into games since I was four years old (think late 80s); been a huge RPG fool since I was ten and a half, though I’ve been less and less active in the actual act of gaming for the past eight years or so (I’m very slow to adapt to 3D action games; and RPGs these days do not give me confidence). In the meantime, I’ve been more and more obsessed with movies of various ages, nationalities and colour palettes; as Val could easily tell you. And because I’d much rather watch a movie than play a game on a console (can’t help it; I sit down in front of a TV and its movie time), my gaming tends to be emulator focused or portable focused lately, and it tends towards old games.

I hope you will have me well.


I do not like games myself being a serioud individual.

hey Jess. GLad to see you decided to join. I can vouch for her, guys, she’s a good egg. Just a bit too nerdy even for me sometime. oh, and yeah, she’s a girl… or at least, plays one so convincingly I can’t really tell. Either way.

When you say “movies,” what kind of movies are we talking? Like… Seven Samurai or Legally Blond or Eraserhead or does it matter (sadly enough, I enjoy all three of those movies, as different as they are <_<; )?

Also, welcome to RPGC. I hope you have a good time, and stuff. Check out the Food of the Day thread, or engage in an argument of some sort.

Also, Val: Define “nerdy”. :open_mouth:

I was just about to make a jokingly ridiculous comment about how Eraserhead and Legally Blonde weren’t altogether different. Then I thought about joke justifications. And now I’m just horrified at how similar they are.

I guess, what I’m trying to say is, I am never, ever, having a baby with Reese Witherspoon. Under. Any. Conditions.

I want to see your connection, now. You can’t just say that and let it slide! Connect Eraserhead and Legally Blonde!

Welcome, Jessica. Any friend of Val’s (and GG’s!) is A-OK with me too. :slight_smile: And there’s nothing wrong on preferring movies over RPGs. RPGC is more of a cool international hangout that a game forum anyway. Though you can still find out useful game stuff here, such as which RPGs may be of your liking. Check out the various sub-forums too. Hope you have a good time!

I think Reese Witherspoon is really cute in Walk the Line

Wow! A real live girl, like in the picture books!

Welcome ^^

“Favorite RPG” - Dragon Quest 3?

This one can stay.

This is a test of the emergency welcoming system. This is only a test.

Welcome to RPGClassics!!


Thanks for stopping by, but we have enough women.

What does this mean?

Also, hi and welcome!

Hahaha. I wish I said that :wink:

When I say “movies”, I mean, give me a year past 1920, and I can name at least five movies from that year I’ve seen; from as many different nationalities and varying lengths as possible.

…not to brag x.x Its just how I turned out! …and I keep a list.

Ehh, don’t get too excited, please ^^; I’ve only played through it four times, and I still haven’t beaten the bonus dungeons on the GBC version!

Also, Val lies. I try very hard to be as non-feminine as possible. But when I say things like “its 8:30; time to go to bed; doctor’s orders!” and “no, I don’t own any music CDs” and “…oh! I get it now. That joke you told me yesterday?”, being female is the only thing that keeps me socially acceptable.

Have you seen Wings of Desire, the Wim Wenders one?

You’re ignoring the issue, Arac! WHAT IS THE CONNECTION!?

As for your interest in movies, Jessica… damn. That’s pretty impressive. Have any favorite directors?

Yes, I have seen Wings of Desire. Its been a looong time, but it was a beautiful movie. I understand there’s a new DVD of it coming soon!

Umm…one of my favorite directors is Georges Melies. I just love the sheer, unmatched creativity in his films, coupled with their simplicity. His work is timeless to me; despite how dated the technique. I also like Buster Keaton, Michael Powell, Mario Bava, Jan Svankmajer, Yasujiro Ozu, and Vincente Minnelli…its really hard to decide.

Svankmajer! So you’ve watched Alice, then? Quite a disturbing bit, there. I didn’t even know many other people heard of Svankmajer. o_O Okay… you’ve clearly proven yourself.

Anyone who has Grateful Dead as their choice of avatar is all I need for proof of purchase.

Welcome to the RPGC! :toast: