Like the Phoenix from its ashes...

My 80s music thread rises again.

Many thanks to those who contributed to my 80s compilation CD. Right now, I’m about halfway done with it. I followed everyone’s recommendations as far as singles go, but unfortunately the server crash wiped out the thread before I could follow up on band recommendations. Also, I never got to zepp’s playlist (I was saving that for the end), so if the big pulsating brain could post it again, I’d be forever grateful.

If you have any singles you want to nominate, please look over my <a href=“”>current playlist</a> first and see if I already got it. If you want to recommend a band, I would like at least one song recommendation so I have something to work off of. Oh, and I already have U2, Oingo Boingo, The Cure, Metallica, Iron Maiden, and The Smiths covered (there’s stuff I haven’t put on my playlist yet).

Thanks again, peeps! :smiley:

:kissy: And extra special smoochies go out to SK, who introduced me to Sisters of Mercy. I liked their stuff so much I’ve decided to go track down some of their CDs.

I remember he posted his playlist for me when I first introduced myself…