Like taking candy from a baby

Easy, right?

Too… long… :boring:

That was awesome.

Ah yes, that.

I see you your ultra-violence and raise you a cute kitty singing Wind’s Nocturne

As an aside, I finally saw that sequence in Lunar: SSSC today, and it was beautiful.

That was beautiful! :bowser:

I’m pretty sure it’s been shown here before, actually.

Dear God, I remember that! I thought it had been deleted or soemthing! Pierson, you rock. And roll. All night long. Sweet Susie.

And that was an… educational experience, that Gif was.

I know that the taking candy frm a baby thing is not new, but that kitty singing that song is (for me, at least).

I wonder if I still have the MP3 of that…

Z, you get 12 Coolness<sup>*</sup> points for that one.

  • Coolness points are redeemable at select locations. Coolness points have no cash value. Coolness points are in no way affiliated with being cool.

Yes that little animation rocks,and i just saw it like a week ago,i also saw another one with the same guy in the animation killing the girl from the TV in The Ring.

Zero: That animation of yours caused my browser to freeze. (Yeah, I’m still having troubles with my PC.) On the other hand, it was surprisingly well done.

Pierson: Yes, that has been posted here before… but it STILL makes me cry! sniffle Curse you, Piers!!

And taking candy from babies IS dangerous. Ask Mr. Burns.

Those are classics. I can’t believe they are still floating around.

Then again, those are so good, I’m surprised I don’t see them more often.

Old, but still good.