Lightning bugs or fireflies, yellow and green.

First thing’s the name. I grew up knowing the things as lightning bugs, but sometime in the last few years I started calling them fireflies. I think I know why. <a href=“”>Piers Anthony</a> wrote a rather perverted book entitled “Firefly,” but it had nothing to do with the bugs. In any case, I blame him.

Anyway, the first question is, “Which of the two names is cooler?”

Second thing. Around my area all of the fireflies all flash yellow. One or two hundred miles to the north, though, they all flash green. Are the greens a different species, or do they just have a couple of different genes? Are there other-color fireflies anywhere in the world? If I was to release a bunch of Greens here, would they mate with the Yellows, and if so what would be the resulting flash color?

Aww, I haven’t seen fireflies in years. (I grew up calling them fireflies and lightning bugs, so no real preference.) Do they not like the climate in ca? How could they like the texas climate better than here…? :stuck_out_tongue:

And I’ve never seen green-flashing fireflies. o_o

I go with fireflies. It just flows better.

I think I’ve only seen them once in my life… sigh

I agree that fireflies sounds better.

On another note, the show “Firefly” kicked ass. :slight_smile:

I call them fireflies.

Here in Georgia, I’ve seen both. The green is more of a yellowy green than normal green though.

They Flash Green or Red where I’m from :stuck_out_tongue:

I think you’re confusing Piers Anthony with Joyce Carol Oates. If not, well then there’s TWO books unappropriate for childeren with the title of “Firefly”.

Oh, and in New York state, we call 'em “Target Practice”. Bitch.