Light Sabre - Possible or Not?

I doubt its possible… unless the swords’ blade was transparent and hollow… then you could maybe…

Yeah, but then it wouldn’t pop in and out of the hilt like the thing in the movies.

Energy travels in a straight line… you’d have to make it conveniently not go beyond a few inches of the sword blade itself. Otherwise it’d just be a gun or an explosive.

Even if you did make a saber of light it wouldn’t cut anything at all. it might turbo heat something but it wouldn’t cut it. all it could do is transfer it’s energy to whatever it passes over.

If you managed to do that (somehow) it would cut, alright. The affected target would melt almost instantaneously. It’d be like a superconcentrated torch, really.

On another note, is it possible to make a firesword as seen in a lot of MMORPGs and RPGs?

I think it’s possible… well, other than lighting the blade on fire.

Sword + Gasoline + Fire = Firesword

Napalm would be better, gas burns off too fast. But then you have the problem where you can’t hold your sword anymore because the metal will conduct the heat, not to mention it gets pretty damn hot pretty damn near your hand.

I’m surprised no one’s called the first law of thermodynamics as to why light sabers aren’t posibble considering how close people have started talking about the generation of immense amounts of heat or a sustained, wide, electron beam.

OK, we’ll put a miniaturized cold fusion reactor in the handle. Or maybe we’ll have to plug it in somewhere.

Cold Fusion? Psh, why not go all out and just power that shit with a gravity well?

And you might be able to make a light sabre out of magnetized plasma, but you’d also have the problem of not being able to get within 1,000 feet of the thing without spontaneously combusting.

Details, details…

the question was if it was possible to create, not possible to use :stuck_out_tongue:

me and my friend are working on building a lightsabre and we can get the blade working its just electronics we cant get they are complicated :enguard:


First law of thermodynamics. Lightsabers aren’t possible. THE END.

Laws were made to be broken. And one enver knows.

One however, will account incorporating the force into the lightsaber. Something not unilike an enchanted blade.

1-Very funny. If you could make it so that you can create energy out of nothing, sure , go ahead, break the first law of thermodynamics. You’d get a nobel and be worshipped worldwide for bringing an unlimited source of energy. The problem that then arises is where does the energy go after its used? Seems to me like a lightsaber that can melt blast doors would get mighty hot. Think before making half assed, meaningless important sounding statements.

2-Han Solo didn’t use the force to use Luke’s lightsaber when he used the animal pelt on Hoth.

Sin First, i have to agree with you totally.
But please refresh me, Whats the first law of Thermodynamics.

Its according to today’s Physics, not possible. if you made it of a laser, lasers cant be stoped ( only absorbed)

I dont know on the plasma, on the gas tube, that would be possible, but it couldnt do anything.

Fire swords, now there you could make. Just get a metal tube, drill some holes in it, attacha pump with gas or some other flammable.

it would work kinda on the same principle of a flamethrower. not very efficent, but it would work.

Thats all i have to say.

Nothing is created or destroyed.

People, if you’re going to make one by taking a glass tube, and filling it with neon gas, you aren’t going to get a light saber. You’re going to get a handheld fluorescent light. And as soon as you hit something with it, it’ll break, and you will die a horrible horrible death. And then we’ll dance. The end.

“You’re going to get a handheld fluorescent light.”

I like that :stuck_out_tongue:

1- It was intended to be half-assed, meaningless, and important sounding. I’m sorry you don’t find that funny. kicks Sin

2- No. I did not mean in the use of it, but in the creation of the light saber. An enchanted weapon is useable by anyone.

But I don’t pay attention to Star Wars much, so…