Life is good

Only a week after I bought it, I just finished Zelda : A link to the Past.

No troubles at all.

Lifes used : 000


I’ve finished that game so many times… It’s a good game though, was my favorite Zelda until Windwaker came along.

not too bad. I did the same thing in only 2 days with getting everything and having 000 for the number at the end. It also helps when 1. You’ve beaten it many many times before and 2. You’ve built the shrine to it.

I suppose that being the source of the information comes to a slight advantage for things like that.

Ah, Zelda, you have brought me so much joy so many times.

But, is this the SNES Version, or GBA? If GBA, you should get a friend and do the Four Sword game, because the Secret level it unlocks in LttP is hard. I even DIED on it, TWICE! (Note: I don’t use Fairies, just Red Potions.)

Secret Level? Oooh. My cousin and I will try four sword soon ^^

Just a note on Four Sword: be careful not to accidentally hit your opponent into a pit. Whenever that happens with me and my friends, it always degenerates into us throwing each other off into pits and whirlpools.


Sounds like SSBM, Team Melee, with Friendly Fire on.
Lots of fun =P

that game is piss. i recomend buying windwaker though, best zelda game eveeeeerrrrrr

When we bought the remake, I beat it in 2 sittings without losing a single life and getting everything possible, without any type of outside source of information. I think I have a photographic mind when it comes to video games.

Hell, I played through almost the entire Super Mario World on my SNES two days ago and got almost every secret. And I haven’t played that for years.

for me, I have a good memory for RPGs, especially if I make the shrine… I never used the shrine when playing Zelda, but I do remember everything that I put into it. Of course I usually have to play the game over and over before I get to beat it this quickly.

Yeah, I knew where everything was, where to get each Piece of Hearth, what trick to use against such enemies. I played LttP so many times on Snes…
But it felt great playing it again :slight_smile:

Life is good you say? Then, imagine how good death must be.

I’m yet to finish a single Zelda game, and I doubt I will. At least the two dimensional ones. I keep getting stuck, or get killed.

Did that a bunch of years back on the SNES version, one day, zero death.
Altough it’s wasent on my first week of playing.

No guides used, and 100% item gain, though.

000 all items, 3 hearts, never taking a single hit… well, maybe one or two unavoidable ones.

Yup, this game is easy. Done it. Not on the first week though.