Libby was found guilty.;_ylt=AvyRGAhVsdOmRDjFZ5wvnmvIU6Y

This makes me very happy. I hope this leads to more investigations of the Bush administration.

What’s retarded about this is that the guy isn’t even guilty of doing the one thing that this was all about. That’s why this trial and his conviction is meaningless. There is no accountability for what was truly wrong with what happened.

Hurrah. They got the scapegoat.

I hope the whole matter is dropped and done away with now. Fuck whatever happened and lets forget.

At least now we have more time for Anna Nicole coverage.





Um…no… This is too serious of a matter to just drop.

This is far too serious a thing to drop. Its a breach of national security, its smearing, its ruining people’s careers for convenience. Its manipulation of the media and the populations for malicious ends.

Libby was just a fallguy…of course the ones who really ought to be locked up are pretty much so untouchable. Unless someone digs something else up, they’re never going to be held accountable during this administration.

The only way things will change is next year during the presidential elections, or if somehow the Democrats grow a spine and use some of the power they won during the midterms to actually do something instead of passing meaningless nonbinding resolutions and crying about how much stuff sucks right now.

Haha. Yeah, I don’t see that happening.

If they could get Cheney then the Dems would have the Means, Motive, and Opportunity to impeach Bush and put an end to this whole damn regime.

The victory is ironic because Cheney is the guilty man, the one who ordered Libby to release the name of that CIA agent. But they didn’t get Cheney with this trial, and they probably won’t.

Unfortunately, impeaching Bush isn’t feasible since we’re still in the middle of the war. Most people would react adversely to it. The only reason people didn’t oppose Clinton’s impeachment is because most didn’t seem to give a shit.

But doesn’t Bush have like a 30% approval rate, especially in relations to the war?

Yes but he’s still the boss unfortunately - at least for another year or so.

But doesn’t Bush have like a 30% approval rate, especially in relations to the war?

Yeah, but I’d be interested to see what percentage of people believe he should be impeached. Its probably a lot lower.

You just opened up one hell of a can of worms, especially on this forum.