Lex's 2000th post thread!

You guys know how it’s done. Ask and I’ll answer.

What are your three least favorite internet fetish communities in order from least to most disgusting?

GAP always comes up with the most original questions. :hahaha;

Me, I go for the typical. Such as: What do you do? Are you still a student? Working? Etc?

What’s your favourite thread on the boards?

Why do you continue to refute the Second Law of Thermodynamics?

What are your three favorite songs from 1950-1970? And if you don’t listen to these decades, then what are the three favorite songs you’ve heard from 1950-1970? And if you haven’t heard any songs made from 1950-1970, what planet do you live on?

So what’s your 2010 March Madness picks?

Somebody is knocking at the door, what do you do?

How does it make you feel to every year realize that your join date is September 11th?

Do you have a favorite tv show? (What/Why?)

What do you think of Toronto compared to other cities you’ve been to?

Whats the worst thing you’ve ever done to someone?
Who are your favorite people on the forum? Why?
What did you get for christmas?

What’s your most embarrassing moment?
Is Canada better compared to the US?

Finally…what happens in 2012?

Why “Lex”? Is that actually your name?

If so, cool name.

Second question for your second landmark…

What is your opinion of the board’s new format?

Which RPG character do you identify with the most? Why?

Batman or Super Mario?

The suspense is killing me.

Furries, shock sites (goatse) and scat (2girls1cup)

I am a web developer but recently unemployed since November. I’m going back for Bioinformatics in September and breaking into the health industry. Until then I need to figure out what prerequisites I need and get some contract jobs for money.

I don’t have a specific thread but I have categories. One is where there’s a debate going on and people are putting in intelligent arguments. The second is when there’s one person with an idea that’s not well thought out or just wrong and won’t face the facts despite the mountain of evidence presented to them. Those are just entertaining. The third is when there’s a friendly discussion.

I’m always keeping things cool.

I grew up on 80’s grunge , 90’s rock and ‘rock alternative’ so the three favourite that I’ve heard are:

Stairway to Heaven
Bohemian Rhapsody
Hotel California

My dad is a tennis fan so that’s what I grew up on. I had to google March Madness.

I stealth up to the peephole to see who it is. If I know them I open the door. If not I reach into my closet arsenal and choose the best weapon.

That I have an alibi. (Kidding, kidding.) I just feel like it’s a coincidence.

My favourite shows are CSI, Dexter and Battlestar Galactica. CSI is my favourite mystery show. I watched the other CSI spinoffs and it was hilarious what the stereotypes of those cities are like. If they’re to be believed, everyone in Miami is an asshole, everyone in New York is a jerk and everyone in Las Vegas thinks they’re better than everyone else.

I like Dexter because I liked seeing the nature vs. nurture playing out in the character. Then I liked it because he’s probably what Batman would have turned out like if he didn’t have the no killing rule.

Battlestar Galactica was my first sci fi after the Star Trek franchise ended Voyager. It was fresh and edgy in comparison. I didn’t care that I missed it the first time around.

Toronto is said to be a melting pot of cultures. But at the same time the distinct cultural flavours don’t blend. You can go around the city and experience and take a sample of that culture’s home country. Once in a while you’ll see some of them stand out and they’ll get your attention but as long as they don’t affect you personally, you go about your normal life.

The worst thing I’ve ever done to someone is probably ruining a Christmas surprise present a friend was giving to her boyfriend.

My favourite people on the forum are:

Wilfredo Martinez – He’s an easy going guy.

Sinistral – The voice of supreme logic on the forum

Cid – The other logical guy, but with more people skills.

Zepplin – Seems like the only guy here living outside his home country. Always has interesting stories.

Kairi and GG Crono – Provide a dose of level-headedness that’s very much needed.
Kasey – Adds some realism to the boards.

I got lots of cash and eight stamps. I can’t even use those stamps because they’re gift sets made for the 2010 Olympics. But with some of the cash I got an 8GB flash card, a ski helmet and Fable 2. The rest is being put towards a new computer

The time I tried to act out Life is Beautiful in charades and pointed to the hottest girl in the room. Nobody got it.

I would say yes.

Yes, please.

Neutrinos screw the earth over and China is reminded they are only on the earth to make America’s products.

My name is Alex. A friend of mine thought it had too many syllables and I’d rather be associated with Lex Luthor than Al Bundy.

The colour templates need to come back but I like the changes in button styles and quote box styles. I miss the Go button next to the dropdown menu where we select the main forms.

Probably Laguna Loire. When things are serious I usually act like I am not.