Leviathan FFV GBA

I had to put the game down recently because I have the mother of all exams coming up and I’m pretty much studying or pseudo studying all day and making sure I’m rested for the 5 hour ordeal. However, I’m at the point where I have Bahamut, a bunch of legendary weapons, ridiculous classes but my levels are a little low. I have at most 2000 hp and as little as 1300 depending on who got what classes. The problem is that Leviathan keeps doing tidal wave and sometimes does it twice in a row and it is kicking my ass for 800 a pop. Ideas?

Any equipment that absorbs or nullifies water elemental damage? (Havent played it but seems like a plausible idea)

Coral Rings. Barring that, do you have Mighty Guard? That makes thigns immensely easier, I find.

Is this the same as Shinryu? If so, I thought the easiest way to defeat it is to have Coral Rings equipped, be able to 2-hand weapons (like that spear that you can steal from some dragon, and I don’t remember which!), and to master Dragoon so that you can jump at the start of the battle.

Of course, I was a completist with FF5 and I mastered everything… I’m now ashamed of myself.

I’m not in the Void yet, this is the 4th tablet.

You see how long it’s been since I’ve played, then… sorry!

I’m telling you, Coral Rings if you can get them, Shell/Mighty Guard if can, and… if you have an Ice Shield/Aegis Shield, I THINK those have a chance of protecting you. I can;t be sure.

Coral Rings on your whole party make that fight a joke. Just go drop 200k gil on 4 of them and be done with it. Barring that, casting thundaga on your weapons will tear leviathan up pretty fast.

You can buy Coral Rings in Mirage, as I recall.