Level Ups in FFI Dawn of Souls

Greetings everybody, I’m new here, even though I’ve been browsing the compendioum for information for a while.

I was wondering, upon getting a level up in FFI DoS do you ever reset (if say, one of your character got a 1 HP level up)?
I’m just starting the game and seeing as the HP increase can very from 1 to about 25 I’ve been resetting the game until at least two characters get a 20 something HP increase… but it’s quite an hassle.
Should I really bother?

Edit: Oh and I was also wondering… are level ups influenced by the circumstances? Because when I defeated Garland all four characters got a 20HP boost.

I take what I get. I’ve never gotten 1hp.

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Usually, I just keep playing because I never get such low stat boosts. I suggest you should watch your EXP, and save your game when you’re about to gain a level. Next, win the battle, and if you like the stats you get, keep playing. If you don’t, reset.

Strange, it has happened quite often to me…

Anyway, thanks for your points of view. I am now all the more inclined to believe that what stat boosts you get depend on who you just defeated: I kept getting low stat boosts until I happened to fight a small horde of enemies.

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Are you the same Duke Serkol that did the BS Zelda patch?

Some of the patches yes, that would be me.

But Roto and Dreamer Nom did most of the work, as you may know.

I created and maintain the BS Zelda shrine, so I have a somewhat extensive knowledge on the various patches for BS Zelda.

Sorry, didn’t mean to be patronizing or anything. I just wouldn’t want to steal Roto and DN’s spotlights.

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Whoops, sorry, I wasn’t trying to sound so haughty. =P

Levels in FF1 depend on probabilities, and results are independent of whatever you were fighting at the time. At level up, 7 things are determined - HP, MP and each of the five stats. For HP/MP, the choice is between a ‘good’ level (20+) or a ‘bad’ level (single digit). The chances of getting a ‘good’ or ‘bad’ level depend on the class, e.g. a Warrior has a better chance for higher HP than a Black Mage, while a Black Mage has a better chance for high MP than a Red Mage. As for stats, each stat has a probability of gaining one point; if it fails, the character gains nothing for that level. Again, probabilities are determined by class, e.g. Warriors are more likely to get Strength than Intelligence, while Black Mages are more likely to get Intelligence than… well, anything else. There is apparently another ‘phantom’ stat called Magic Defense, which is not displayed on a character’s screen. Obviously Mage-types gain this better than Fighter-types, and the Monk doesn’t gain Magic Defense at all.

Note that class change does not alter these probabilities, e.g. a Black Mage and a Black Wizard grow at the same rate. The only exceptions are the start of MP growth for Knight/Ninja and the start of Magic Defense growth for Masters. So don’t purposely keep your levels low before class change unless you have one of the fighter-types and actually care about maxmizing their stats.

One last thing to consider is the wonky RNG that GBA games seem to use. While the setup outlined above works in theory, in practice you see some crazy alterations. For instance, White Mages gain HP at an astounding rate, reaching 999 HP well before any other class, when in theory they should gain HP at roughly the same rate as a Red Mage, or maybe Thief. So don’t be surprised if you see a character’s stats grow in a slightly oddball manner.

I’ve continued playing and I suppose it really is as randomized as it gets (but still, I’ve been getting a lot of 1s… darn it)

Thanks for the info Captain Vittles it’s being put to good use :ark:

Oh and Hiryuu, that’s no problem. I also wanted to compliment you on the screenshots illustrated walkthrough.
Is there (even if just in the works) a Kodai no Sekiban shrine too?

Nothing on Kodai no Sekiban. =(

Is that game even fully playable yet?

Depends on what you mean by fully playable. It is possible to play from start to end, but because there are no walls, pits or red/blue blocks, the dungeons’ puzzles are lost to us (and you have to go out of the way to get to some boss rooms).

Sorry for bringing this back and go further off topic too. But it seems somewhat pointless to start up a new thread for these two that are likely to either be without a useful answer or interest only me.

First off, I’ve been in the Marsh cave and couldn’t help but wonder: what’s up with the empty chests? Are they in there only to imply that other adventurers before mine went in the cave?

The empty chests are duplicate chests. Some chests contain the same item and once you get it from one, it vanishes from the others.

Ah okay, thanks.

I also wanted to ask, is piscodeamons a typo? (I mean, wouldn’t psicodaemons make more sense?)

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There’s an help forum? I’ll ask there then, thanks.

Any ideas about the Lovecraftian critters?

My cart just calls them Piscodemon, and it looks fine to me.

I always thought it was interesting how monks start to fight better bare-handed after level 7. There doesnt seem to be a weapon skill chart, but is this like a hidden-trait ?