Letterman tears O'Reilly a new one


If you haven’t seen it yet, you must. I’m not a huge Letterman fan (anymore), but anyone who can tear up O’Reilly like this is suddenly my hero. Letterman barely even tells any jokes, he just constantly tells O’Reilly that he’s lying. It’s freaking awesome.

Oh my god, that was amazing. Reminds me of Jon Stewart on Crossfire.

We totally don’t get to see the O’Reilly in Australia, but he does seem like a bit of a toss, mate. Crazy fucknuts.

“A bit”? That’s like, the understatement of the century.

I’ve only seen one thing of him, mate. And I’m not up to date on all that bullshit he was saying, so I didn’t get a full understanding. :stuck_out_tongue:


Absolutely brilliant. Kudos to Dave.

Yay, go Letterman.

Yeah, rest assured, he is much much more than a bit of a toss.

And Kaiser is now understating. O’Reilly’s like Baron Asshole. On Fox.

Pretty much everyone on Fox News is a flaming asshole, or at the very least, incredibly retarded. I remember, back in the Jim days, me and Sin would play Starcraft with another staffer named “Shaggy” all the time. He’d always try to convince me to watch Bill O’Reilly, and I’d always tell him he was a fucking idiot.

<A HREF=“http://media.putfile.com/OlbermannSwings”>Keith Olbermann is the only name in news I still trust.</A>

'Sif trust TV. Trust Fark for all your info. I mean, with links to stories about how much women will spend on clothing they never wear, it’s a true gem. :wink:

I don’t like how he avoided the everyone else’s feelings (besides the one Cindy Sheehan or whatever) question with: “How about why are we there in the first place?”

As much as I love to see O’Reilly take a hit like that (truly, I do), I dunno if it’s as devastating as a lot of people think.


I agree with what Letterman said about O’Reilly, but I’m sure worse things have been said to him.

Jon Stewart on Crossfire was better.

I like how O’Reilly avoided the question of why we are there in the first place with: “What if somebody’s feelings are hurt?”

If anything, it’ll probably boost his ratings for a little while. The man’s practically invincible. Someone finds that all of his facts are wrong, his ratings go up. He gets caught in a sex scandal (after lambasting President Clinton for the same), his ratings go up. Either people just like watching assholes, or people only listen to news if it comes out of his mouth.

So then two wrongs make a right? If Letterman is supposed to be the “right” person, why couldn’t he just answer the question? We know O’Reilly is dumb or whatever, but why’d Letterman have to sink to his “level?”

No, Letterman answered that himself in the clip; he doesn’t have the political knowledge to argue O’Reilly point-to-point, he was just doing his best. Letterman is an amateur, when it comes to political debate. The fact that he dodged a question isn’t too surprising. The fact that O’Reilly, who’s been a “pro” at this for quite some time, dodges questions regularly should show that there’s something wrong with his argument.