Let's talk about Evangelion

Because communication is important. Now, Shinji has shown himself to have redeemable qualities throughout the series by helping Rei, getting Misato to care about him, competing with Asuka, and even self-actualization in the last episode. But the End of Eva backtracks through all that and shows him as slightly more worthless than a small piece of decomposing cabbage.


Because Eva was a great, great series with a gigantic deal of potential that sadly turned into a bunch of metaphoric bullshit due to shitty script planning. And I didn’t actually see that much change in his behavior during the anime.

Yes I know that doesn’t answer your question but I had to get that off my chest. As well as this: Read the manga already, manga Shinji is a lot better than anime Shinji.

[STRIKE]EDIT: Also, End of Eva starts right after Kaworu is uncorked. Chapter 24 and 25 never happened.[/STRIKE] Too Slow.

Remember the self-actualisation never happened, End of Eva replaced those episodes.

Take a look at his surroundings and not just how happy he looks in whatever episodes he does something: He lives in a town where at any moment any friends he makes could be killed any day (maybe by him), he lives with two incredibly self-destructive women, has no father-figure, nobody to turn to for help and on top of that is painfully aware that It’s Your Job To Save The World So Do Your Job Damn You. By the end of the series everyone he knew has left or died and all that’s left is the aforementioned figures, none of whom could be described as stable, assuming they’re even conscious or entirely sane.

The way I always looked at it was that Shinji is fundamentally a good kid but his entire life from the second he stepped foot in Tokyo-3 was dedicated to ruining his mind. For those few episodes where he looked marginally content things were going well and even Shinji was probably thinking he had a handle on things, and then comes the second half of the show and everything falls apart again. Asuka’s breakdown and his guilt over rubbing one off on her was probably just the final straw, with the results End of Eva showed.



Fun fact; no single script was ever written until the previous episode had finished, and Anno said in interviews he only used the relgious imagery because he thought it looked cool and he was going through a pretty bad period in his life.

Eva is the ultimate Accidental Masterpiece.

Also Super Robot Wars Alpha Shinji is a lot better than manga OR anime Shinji so HAAAA.

This explains SO much.

Also Super Robot Wars Alpha Shinji is a lot better than manga OR anime Shinji so HAAAA.

Maybe, but since I can’t read those squiggly doodles Japanese call text I’m sticking with the paper version >_>

What about all that bullshit in the End of Eva itself? What did Shinji do, nothing?

Because Shinji has an Oedupius complex.

That’s why I completely, COMPLETELY disgregard End of Eva. I think End of Eva was just a huge “FUCK YOU” to all the people who sent him hate mail and death threats because Eva didn’t end how they wanted it to, so he did a lot of the things fans expected to see, but made it go horribly wrong (the long huge action scene with Asuka comes to mind). Yeah, fuck End of Eva.

Yes. Well technically he kept his individuality and allowed humanity a path to return to it’s previous (i.e. non-liquid ocean) state if they wanted but I tend to ignore the second episode of End of Eva entirely and believe that the final scene was Asuka going out in a blaze of glory and then Shinji destroys the world instantly and none of this Egg of Lilith bullshit.

You’re basically correct. That’s exactly what he did. If you listen to the commentary track on End of Eva’s DVD you’ll hear the cast talking about why Anno did what he did and they end up agreeing he was pretty much flipping everyone off.

I liked watching the characters freak out. It really turned me on

I actually liked this movie. I like the idea of the Primordial Sea because it’s so perfect

I thought it was funny when the obelisks in Central Dogma started praying. It seemed like something that happens in sentai or tokusatsu.

TEchnically, eva is Sentai, because it’s a science force of a few kids that are trying to save everyone from the angels.

Until they find out the angels are the pillar of all existence and the angels are part of this grand plan to bring back the dead sea scrolls

Either way, it’s a stupid monster of the week show. The tv show is. All it really did was start a monster of the week show plot, and a few shows like Betterman and Rahxephon

Animerica regarded something as “post eva climate”. What a load of bull twat

I thought NGE was the single most overrated tripe in the history of anime. The sole purpose of that series was for the movie to make sense, which is one of my favorite anime movies ever. Go figure.

That said, I just bought the series for 45 dollars at walmart. Oh well.

IT is overrated. I can’t beleive people still like it. IT came out in fucking 1995. People need to move on

Basara there is a limit to how much of your trolling bullshit I will put up with in this forum. Don’t push your luck.

I can have an opinion, you know

People should be free about their opinions and not worry how people respond

By the way, why did you give the avatar of Basara from Macross 7 to a random newb in the SaGa forum? I think you were trying to honor me. Well it didn’t work

RahXephon did everything right that Evangelion did wrong.

Dragons Revenge: Huh? Which movie?

Basara: While I don’t disagree that Evangelion is overrated, that it came out in '95 has nothing to do with why it’s overrated.

No, this is an opinion:

I don’t care if you have an opinion that’s different from mine, I care when you’re clearly inserting stupid and/or creepy bullshit to try and get the rest of us riled up. Don’t do it again.

And I have no idea what the hell you’re talking about about some guy with a Nekki Basara avatar. Why don’t you ask them?

Pierson: I’m not trying to be stupid. Again, if I were smarter, I’d post something more intelligent and make friends. And i honestly liked watching the eva characters get mentally tortured. I don’t really care how people respond

demigod: Yeah well for a show that came out in 1995 it’s overrated. I bet most people think it came out recently. People are really pathetic and only a couple years ago every anime in america was outdated stuff like Utena and Dragon Ball Z

and i thoght rahxephon was good, but not really special. It just got wacky at the end

Eva is good up to episode 24-25. The movie only made things worse. I don’t care what you have to say SG. I get why he did and what it represents. Symbolism aside, if a 3rd grader did something that non-sensical to conclude a story that could be explained, even he would get an F. It breaks the continuity of the story and kills the climax it was building up to. What’s his name could’ve said what he wanted to say while also providing closure to the series. The 2 points are NOT mutually exclusive.

Most of the show in Eva is Shinji being weak and feeling sorry for himself. I mean , how many of you here make fun of the “oh I don’t want to go to war, but I’m going to unleash the wrath of god using my uber cannons on everyone”? Asuka’s a fucking bitch; the only person that had any excuse for being slightly abnormal was Rei for obvious reasons. I’m surprised people here praise it so much after blasting some Gundam’s lack of logic and stupid characters. I loved the penguin tough. That was an awesome detail.

Basara and Pierson: Basara is more derailing the thread and spamming than trolling. Spamming and derailing is what we banned him for.

I’m surprised people here praise it so much after blasting some Gundam’s lack of logic and stupid characters.

I agree

The thing is Eva was a fairly mature show that at best was an incredibly deep series with a ton of different interpretations and at worst was a psychological look into the mind of the director himself. Gundam, no matter how good it can be (and it can be brilliant) is a children’s show designed to sell toys. You can’t really compare the two.

Yeah but I think it’s really juvenile that Eva was all a setup for a schoolkids anime. I mean Rei, a clone, somehow finds her way into going to middle school with Shinji. a plot device set up Asuka to go to middle school with shinji as part of her requirements to get a degree. it’s ridiculous

And Evangelion is just centered on Shinji’s problems. In other words, it’s kiddy-centric. And shinji grows out of his problems at the end and it’s all solved for him. They say congrutations. In the real world, when you have deep psychological problems, they keep coming back

Calling Gundam a kids show is harsh. It’s very mature for an anime, and can be quite grim and deep at times

You can’t really compare the two.

You say you cant compare the two, but you’re saying Eva is more mature, and is thus better, in your opinion. Oh what irony

They did make Evangelion to sell toys. They sell a lot of Evangelion toys. And a lot of little kids do like evangelion