Lets start a band.

Well its more of a tribute band of sorts. A tribute to vidya games and The Talking Heads. I already have lyrics for one song adapted from “Don’t Worry About The Government”. Its about RTSs.

I see the cursor that moves across the sky
I see the tanks that move with cursor
It moves the tanks, over by the ore field
I pick the field that I want to build near
I smell the napalm and the death in the woods
I see the grenades that fall by the ore truck
Thats the ore truck that goes to the refinery
I pick the ore field that I want to build near (I don’t like this line)
Its over there, its over there!
My base has every convenience,
Its gona make war easy for me
Its gona be easy to blow things up
I wil wage, along with my allies, allies

I know there are people here who play music! This can be done! And before you say no, listen to the original song.

How dare you shit up a good song by a great band. Get out.


I love that shit man do it good