Let's kill JFK everyone!

Got a score of 499. My second shot was about a foot too high, and my third was a little too low.

I think it’s pretty obvious that getting 1000 is nigh-impossible.
I was reading up on the “history” of this game, and the site itself is down, and in the source code there is a link to: http://www.icra.org/ratingsv02.html
Just go to www.jfkreloaded.com and check it out.

I found some very funny comments about the game on slashdot, though:
incase you want to get an extra shooter on the grassy knoll."
follow-up comment:
Wrong game. For this, the code is:

back, and to the left"

984: Exactly! ^_~

Info: As a history buff myself, I’ve become convinced the main reason people study history is to apply that knowledge to our current needs. Oh, there’s plenty of people who enjoy history as a subject, but it wouldn’t be taught in public schools if it didn’t have a social relevance, and that’s to help people learn from the events that happened past. (Whether they actually DO learn anything, or ever get to apply it, is another matter…)

lol wow good job looks someone gots an A in S.S.

I like history too, I’m just saying that it doesn’t all center around learning from our mistakes. Besides, I wasn’t really arguing with you, all I was saying is that history was more than just learning from the past. Historians aren’t just looking at what was done wrong in the past and how to avoid it. By saying that the primary focus is to learn from past mistakes, you devalue a lot of history by grouping it into a micellaneous sort of group. It is just that history besides learning from past mistakes is too broad to dicredit it so much. Besides, while school does teach history to point out past mistaks, a lot of other history is taught too. I have this thought that I’m having a hard ime wording, but it deals with art and how it doesn’t always have a scoial relevance, at elast in the way many otther subjects do, but it is still taught. I’m just not sure how I to say this or how to convey my idea right now. As stupid as this may sound, Doc Brown in Back to the Future said it best when he was saying why he invented the time machine. He says that he invented it to learn about where we’ve been and where we’re going.

I didn’t mean to imply that history is ONLY good for avoiding the errors of the past; I’m just pointing out that most people don’t give the kind of value to history that they give to say, biology or math. The thing is, WITHOUT history, we wouldn’t have ANY other knowledge. If there were no records, all knowledge would be lost… and humanity would have to reinvent everything, from technology to philosophy, constantly.

Oh, and I agree that things like art DO have a social relevance. Human beings aren’t just about dry facts and practical applications; we have emotions, and without them, or the means to express them, life would be truly meaningless.

(My vote for humanity’s greatest creation: music.) :slight_smile:

Stop talking about politics and shoot the man goddamnit.

For best results, listen to “Bullet” by the Misfits while playing.