Let's kill JFK everyone!

JFK Reloaded, a little-known game where you get to shoot JFK from the Texas Book Depository. It’s pretty fun because you get a ballistics report after the mission ends which shows you how well you did.

Since it’s almost impossible to pull off the shot(s) correctly, it’s cooler to just do wacky shit. B-)

Another double-kill

Hats off, no casualties.

Of course it’s a morally reprehensible pastime and to take pleasure in the life of a person is truly pathetic and blah blah blah, now get shooting and show off your best/weirdest kills. TD has the files on his fserv, so go fetch it and have some bloody-fun for a few minutes. £10 to someone who makes a triple-kill.

This shows how rediculous the lone gunman theory really is.

Man, I got a triple kill, didn’t take a screenshot. Damnit.

This is obviously what caused the Kennedy assassination, right Mister Thompson?

<img src=“http://urkelro.no-ip.info/dual.gif”>

Arg this is kinda sad that they have games like this out but it happens. What console is it for (though i might not agree with this concept i’m still into all video games.) i’m guessing the comp?

It’s a PC game which some say proves Oswald could easily have worked alone.

There was a big hubbub when it was released last November.

Well i dont’ really care if oswald worked alone i think it’s a little funny though that people spend years trying to figure that out.

But that is largely what history is about, trying to figure out what happened in the past. History becomes even more fun and exciting when there is this type of controversy since it forces you to go deeper to discover the facts and truth.

Ya i now (this school year) found a teacher who will go through explainations of history that can keep my attention! el woot! But this is one of those things that i never really caught intrest in…sorry :stuck_out_tongue:

Where can i get this game?

Come to the chat so that we may divulge such hot topics.

Why I can’t I shoot from the Grassy Knoll ;_;

Actually, the main reason to study history is to LEARN FROM IT and avoid making the same mistakes again. But having fun is OK too. :slight_smile:

However, I find this game, and all games that allow you to play as a criminal, to be distasteful and a bad influence. X(

:fungah: -Oh? Isn’t that what they do in Fantasy RPGs all the time? Taking stuff in houses, killing the badguys…?

>:( That’s different!

:fungah: -How so?

>:( It’s fantasy.

:fungah: -The morality is still twisted. The ‘heroes’ commit wrongful acts before they save the world and get all the fame. BREATH OF FIRE III itself points it out.

:0 Er… but at least you cannot cast spells in real life. You CAN pick up guns and shoot people.

:fungah: -Ok, I’ll give you that.

lol isn’t that interesting well ty for that little piece of info that i’ll alwasy remember.

i also as able to do a game with shot 1 and 2 correctly, but not shot 3.

Is that why your avatar is a parody of Grand Theft Auto?

you know i just noticed his avvy was just that…totally awsome!

Xelo. That’s the worst picture ever. How you managed to remove both the driver and the agent is beyond me, but you also didn’t even put the entrance line for the shots. congrats.

I didn’t say that discovering the past was the primary reason, I said it was a BIG PART of history. Also, I wouldn’t say that the primary reason is to learn from our mistakes. That is certainly an aspect of it, but I wouldn’t say that we study history solely to learn from the mistakes.